The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there is a gentle breeze caressing and teasing your skin. It's great to be alive and to feel the sunshine on your naked flesh. Your senses are heightened and you are tuned into your body.

At times like these, you really appreciate having a firm ring of solid stainless steel wrapped around your cock and balls. Danny is wearing the Fury cockring in the new mirrored finish. This ring gives a rock-solid sense of support. It pulls his package up and forward lifting his balls up and away from his body so they are more pronounced and cooler.

David F. from Detroit, MI wrote:  "I love, LOVE this cockring. It is by far THE most comfortable cock ring I've ever owned. I have the Omega as well, but I prefer the Fury. Something about the width of the band makes this super easy to wear for extended periods of time. I've worn it up to a week continuously and had no problems whatsoever. Plus the weight is fantastic...reminds you that you've got a big hunk of steel around your cock and balls. The best part - I grabbed it while it was on sale. It's worth every penny at full price, but it being on sale makes me love it that much more. Well done gear essentials!"


"Sexy and functional" in the Titan Glans Ring and Fury Cockring


He also has the comforting weight of a Titan .4 Glans ring under the head of his dick. Not only does it feel good; it also shows his dickhead off to advantage. Weighing down the head of his impressive cock is the Titan .4 head ring. The beauty of this ring is that it helps extend your flaccid cock to its fullest potential--so you can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. He also enjoys the sensation of this heavier head ring when merely walking and moving throughout his day. Many men have referred to the sensation as the "mini hand job" in your pants!  

Mike from Baton Rouge, LA, wrote:  "Best Products, Best Service, everything I have purchased has been the best quality and most comfortable...the glans rings fits like a glove and feels great, no problems at all , no slippage, staying in place even when engaging win activities with a partner!! Highly recommend this piece, sexy and functional"

It is totally sexy and functional! You will also be amazed by the attention your dick gets when it's crowned with a head ring. We've experienced lots of questions and probing touches - everyone wants to know (and see and taste) more! 


"Sexy & functional" in the Titan Glans Ring & Fury Cockring - a Closer Look


Enjoy the day! Be your sexy self - and enjoy the functionality and pleasure of the Fury cockring and Titan glans ring. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Jay Williams. David & Mike are not pictured.)  



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