Show off your Pumped Package with a Grip Cockring


You know that there is nothing more eye-catching than a nice, full package. Whether you are working out, at the beach or just see an impressive package walking towards you on the sidewalk, it sends a powerful message.

We have a few customers who have written saying they don't want a big package--they are afraid their cock ring will draw unwanted attention to what they are packing. With all due respect, we think they're wrong. We think it pays to advertise!

A big dick commands respect--and gets it! 

The guy pictured below has an impressive package. Any way you look at it, he's worth a second and third glance and he knows it. This is a man who is confident in what he is packing. And he's packing a lot.

You know that this confidence extends to every area of his life.

He is enhancing his sizable meat with the Grip cock ring. The Grip was gear essentials’ first foray into medical-grade plastic. This is a material that is so safe it's used in medical procedures. (That means it is also safe on our tender bits!) Added bonus: it won't set off the TSA metal detectors at the airport.


Show off your Pumped Package with a Grip Cockring


Constructed of a hard medical-grade plastic with just a hint of internal give, this cockring will keep your dick fuller, thicker, longer and harder so you can go the distance.

"Happy Customer" from Texas said:  "I must say, I own several rings from Gear Essential, but this is the most comfortable one so far. I can wear this all day and never have to worry about pinching or uncomfortable movement. The Grip fits and looks great. 

"I have complete confidence this guy is in place throughout the day when I'm wearing a business suit commando style. Gives you a nice "bump" in your slacks to attract the right attention.

"Great value, great ring."

Happy is right; you will also be able to wear it for a longer period and feel good and hard! The Grip will give you support and lift. When you have a hard on, it is bigger, harder, more sensitive and even more impressive! It's all about bringing pleasure to the world.

Quality-made in the USA, the Grip features the ROBO collection's signature interior comfort fit. Perfectly designed and balanced for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.  You may forget you even have it on--until you need it!  Get the Grip on YOUR package and impress the world!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


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(Photo submitted by customer. "Happy Customer" is not pictured.)



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