Showing it off in his Mavrik Cockring


We love to get naked and there's nothing like feeling the breeze ruffle your short hairs and caress your naked flesh.

This hot stud has hit the street wearing nothing but the essentials - his gear essentials! He's keeping his uncut prick thicker with his Mavrik cockring.

He's on display (and really when aren't we?) so he's feeling cocky because his cockring keeps his prick even thicker, harder and longer. It works because it's basic science:  the blood rushes in and is then restricted from leaving again because of the pressure of his penis ring. You look better. Sex is better. Your partners will soon be begging for more. And you'll have the endurance to give it!


Showing it off in his Mavrik Cockring


Comparing him to his buddy, it looks like a cockring really keeps your prick thicker - show off your potential!

He's sporting the Mavrik cockring in blue (also available in red). Made from our favorite medical-grade plastic in the style of a slimmed-down Imperial cock ring, this baby is light-weight, comfortable and smooth. Go ahead, strip down, show it off and go the distance! We are huge believers in being prepared and this amazing cockring will support you all the way.


Showing it off in his Mavrik Cockring


He's got nothing to be ashamed of in his Mavrik cockring. You know he's drawing lingering first and second glances. He will be seeing some hot and heavy action before this day is through. 

And the Mavrik cock ring will make you look good even with your clothes on. The goal is to show your potential. Even dressed, you'll feel great with your cocky chubbed package. It looks and feels better and it puts that extra spring in your step. 

Red from LA wrote:  "This ring is perfect! I wear it all day without any discomfort, width is great along with the weight. The feel and thought of it while I'm at work gets me so hard."


Showing it off in his Mavrik Cockring


Chuck from Minnesota wrote:  "I am a big fan of cock rings and glans rings. I bought both the Maverick glans and cock ring. They are outstanding. The cock ring is the most comfortable I have ever worn. It's a 1-3/4" and fits snuggly but not tight."

Chuck picked some up; be sure to check out the coordinating Mavrik glans ring so you can also enjoy the 'mini hand job in your pants' sensation and striking good looks of these head rings. (And they work if you're uncut too.)

Slip on a Mavrik cockring - you'll be "a big fan..." and we suspect you will attract your own big fans too. (It's so nice to have a following!)

Isn't it time that you show it off in your Mavrik?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Mavrik Cockring:


(Photos submitted by customer. Red and Chuck are not pictured.)



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