Skinny Dipping in his Titan Cockring:


There's nothing like a hot summer day floating in the pool. Joaquin is feeling the heat!

He's happy and chubbed in his stacked Titan cockrings. You can tell by how pumped and thick his dicks is. (The temperature isn't the only thing rising!) This means that the cockrings are doing what they are supposed to do:  keep the blood flow in his dick so he looks his best. This is especially important when you are enjoying life naked. (You know we are all checking each other out to compare 'manhood' when we're naked, don't you?)


Skinny Dipping in his Titan Cockring:  "how nice & plump it keeps my dick"


Joaquin has a nice thick cock. He's stacking 'em up (he's got the "real estate" to do it.) He is wearing two Titan .4 cockrings and a Titan .2 C Ring for a total bandwidth of 1" / 2.54 cm. That's a lot of metal. 

In the picture below you can see how his Titan cockrings pull his junque, up, front & forward. Check out how his balls are draping around Erik's neck. It's hard to resist the magnetic draw of his package.


Skinny Dipping in his Titan Cockring:  "how nice & plump it keeps my dick"


When you've got a lot of cock, you've got more room to play with stacking cockrings to create the custom look and feel that fits best for you. 

GearFan Dave stacks even more than Joaquin - 1.8 inches / 46 mm. He commented on an earlier blog: "I am a naturist, rarely cover my self in textile. I love the swagger of my cock as I walk when wearing my rings. I have a long shaft flaccid for a cut cock so I look great stacking the .2, .4 and both of my .6 rings. The slight pull down and bounce of my cock is awesome."

Skinny Dipping in his Titan Cockring:  "how nice & plump it keeps my dick"


The Titans feature a low profile with gently rounded edges so they fit beautifully beneath a tight jock, jeans or swim suit. They keep your prick pumped, pulled up and forward and hold your balls away from your body (always nice in the heat of summer). These solid stainless steel works of art are handcrafted from solid stainless steel In the USA so they’ll keep your boner hard for years to come!

The science is simple. Blood flows into your dick when you get excitement. Your penis ring restricts it from leaving so you stay thicker, fuller, harder, longer and sex is hugely better!

Will from Texas wrote about his Titan .4 cockring:  "The Titan .4 1-7/8" was my first purchase from GE and I love it. This ring is exactly what I was looking for, It's super comfortable for all-day wear and I love the fact that the ring quickly adjusted to my body temperature. I haven't even mentioned how nice and plump it keeps my dick through out the day. Quick delivery and great craftsmanship... I will definitely be ordering more."

Are you ready for your nice and plump dick? Get your Titan cockrings!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photos by David Lee. Dave and Will are not pictured.)





Nice cock



That’s always great to see at the pool. I enjoy wearing a cock ring under a skimpy bikini. Lots of fun!

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