Spencer Whitman is irresistible to Addison Graham in his Imperial Cockring


Just reach out and touch it; it's right there. Lean a bit forward and Spencer Whitman's huge cock is on your lips...your tongue...down your throat.


Spencer Whitman is irresistible to Addison Graham in his Imperial Cockring


In the background, it looks like Seth Fisher has the same idea as Adam Russo pushes his head closer to his crotch. For many, genitalia exert a magnetic pull. We all have our preferences and chemistry certainly comes into play but this is a call of nature that must be obeyed.


Spencer Whitman is irresistible to Addison Graham in his Imperial Cockring


Spencer's dick hardens under the ministrations of Addison Graham's warm, moist mouth. Spencer's bone is supported and strengthened by the solid stainless steel of the Imperial cock ring. Spencer has a beautiful dick but sometimes those big ones need a little extra support to stand so rigidly tall.

Addison's juicy meat is surrounded by a solid donut-shaped Omega penis ring with a Titan .4 glans ring keeping his dickhead pumped up. It's amazing how much bigger and more sensitive the head of your prick can get with a head ring on. The sensitivity will blow you away!

Both keep your prick thicker and more chubbed so you enjoy a fuller look and sensation as well as showing off a bigger package. And when the moment strikes and you're ready for sex, your cock ring pumps up your dick making you thicker, longer, more sensitive, and harder.


Spencer and Adam are irresistible in their Cockrings


Addison is totally lost in the sensation of pleasuring Spencer. There is something about having another man's cock in your mouth--the sensitivity, the act of doing to another what you like having done to yourself--it's a magical combination.


Spencer Whitman is irresistible to Addison Graham in his Imperial Cockring


More! He wants more and he is going to get it! 

Andy from Michigan wrote:  "The Imperial cock ring is hands down my absolute favorite everyday cock ring! Ive been wearing mine almost everyday for the last few months, slipping it on is just part of my daily routine. It keeps my dick nice and plump and it looks great wrapped around the base of my cock. Highly recommend this to anyone."

What's better than a cock ring that keeps your dick nice and plump and looks great? 

Your Imperial cockring will pump up and support your prick. All your lover wants is to feel the waves of pleasure and solid strokes as your cock reaches places that they've only dreamed about.

The Imperial penis ring adds power to your fucking thrusts and tantalizes your partner's erogenous zones. Cockrings also keep your prick thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. This smooth stainless steel penis ring in brushed or mirrored finish will make your cock stand out tall and proud. It will also keep you thicker and harder so you can go the distance! Yeah, it's all about the motion (so move those hips) but a bit of extra girth will bring a satisfied smile as well.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Jay Williams. Andy is not pictured.)


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