Spencer Whitman & Seth Fisher enhance their BIG Dicks with the Full Screw & Omega Cockrings


Spencer Whitman and Seth Fisher--two amazing men with drop-dead gorgeous dicks. And the beauty of it all is that a cockring only enhances what Mother Nature gave you. Check out the pictures below for proof.


Spencer Whitman & Seth Fisher enhance their BIG Dicks: the Full Screw Cockring


Spencer is sporting the Full Screw penis ring. This is one of gear essentials' widest C rings at .9 inches / 20 mm wide. Don't let the mass of it scare you--it is super-lightweight at only 2 ounces / 67 grams.

John from Phoenix wrote, "Amazing! I had become used to the weight of big steel rings but this called to me. The width and flared ends make it really comfortable. It gets my goods on display but is really comfortable for all day wear. After hours, the full screw lives up to its name. I gave my partner some premium thrusting and full screw was the name of the game.."

The Full Screw is an easy-to-wear cock ring due to the extreme comfort fit. This means that you can easily enjoy work-all-day / play-all-night comfort and stamina in this ring. 

Looking for something with a narrower bandwidth? The Screw series also includes the thinner Quarter Screw and mid-size Half Screw penis rings.

Spencer Whitman & Seth Fisher enhance their BIG Dicks: the Omega Cockring


Seth has opted for the other end of the weight spectrum:  the Omega cockring. He's got one of those dicks that you can't hide. And why would you want to?

Bask in the power of your BIG cock. Release the excitement. It all comes together and is expressed when you wear the Omega cock ring.

There's nothing like it. The Omega is a distinctive ring in gear essentials' line. It is solid stainless steel that surrounds your thick, hard prick and balls with a solid mass that is both comforting and powerful. Sexual partners of the men who wear the Omega tell us that it gives more power and intensity to fucking. It is gear essentials' heaviest penis ring weighing in at a solid 11 ounces / 312 grams so you know you will feel it.

And enjoy it.

Frank G. from California loves his Omega. He wrote:  "Love it, this heavy ring really tugs on your cock always reminding you it's there. Feels good, no pinching either due to the full round shape. Just another great cock toy that should be in every guys tool box." 

Whether you are wearing the Full Screw or Omega for your own pleasure all day long, wearing it to pump up your package (which it does well), for self-pleasure (like gear essentials' other cock rings, the Omega and Full Screw will keep the blood restricted in your dick so you get harder, thicker and more sensitive to each caress) or for sex, you will experience amazing benefits. And, as you can see, your cock will look amazing too.
Enhance your big dick with an Omega or Full Screw penis ring.


gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.)





George—at 12" I think you can wear ANYTHING YOU WANT TO! ; )

Seriously, length is awesome—you can wear a wider bandwidth (like Spencer’s Full Screw pictured above at almost 1" in bandwidth) because it looks right proportionally on your longer-than-average cock. The key is what feels comfortable to you. The important measurement, when it comes to fitting a cock ring, is the diameter around the base of your penis. (Here’s a link to our sizing guide: https://gearessentials.com/pages/gearessentials-sizing-guide )

We are all built a little differently and you will find what feels best. Do you want the ring to help you stay thicker and more chubbed throughout the day? Do you want a ring to help you stay harder and firmer for better sex? For all day comfort, the Full Screw is awesome. For fucking, Seth’s Omega is a great choice because the weight adds power to your fucking thrust. I also like to go a size smaller for sex—it gives my dick a bigger pump.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. ENJOY!

George De Haven

George De Haven

I’m 12 inch full with heavy lo hangers what do recommend

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