Spencer Whitman stacks on the Ball Weights


Can you handle more of Spencer Whitman? We hope so--we have a lot more to show you! (This is a teaser shot--the 'official' shots are still being processed--but we couldn't wait to share some of these sizzling images with you.)


More Spencer Whitman!


Having done the cockring, glans ring and ball weight fittings for Spencer, I can tell you, he's got impressive equipment. He is a natural for gear.

Below is a shot of Spencer wearing an 8 ounce ball weight (my go-to for 24/7 ball sac pleasure) with an Omega Split Ring stacked on top. This gives him just a bit over a pound of weighted pleasure. Interestingly, Spencer commented that the weight wasn't really noticeable until we took his ball weights off. Suddenly he felt much lighter!


Spencer Whitman stacks on the Ball Weights


As a ball weight virgin, we probably could have fit more on Spencer's bull's balls; however, it was far easier to just get the smallest bandwidth on. It quickly became apparent that he has room for much more. This is where the Omega split ring comes in handy. It comes in two sizes; both are slightly larger than the traditional ball weights. In addition, they are shaped like a donut so they flare to better fit higher on your balls thus giving needed space for your shaft. This means you can stack more weight on to get even more stretch.

But even more than the stretch; the feel is intoxicating and the orgasms are out-of-this-world! A long-time customer sent an e-mail listing all the products he loves. He really loves his ball stretcher: "I also have the 1 lb ball weight. I LOVE this. I have "firm" balls so getting this on was a challenge at first, not pinching my shit. I wear this for many reasons, but I will tell you, the orgasm you get with this weight on is awesome. I really like the feel of it slapping against me and my partner."

All of gear essentials' ball weights are crafted of quality solid stainless steel in the US. (This quality material helps avoid skin irritations that can be caused by chrome-plated weights.) The two halves are secured by an Allen screw to prevent them from popping off as you go about your day or during heavy play. The first time you put on your ball weight may be one of life's more exasperating experiences; however, with practice (and as your balls relax) it becomes second nature. 

Stack on the ball weights and enjoy the sensations!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams. 



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