Go at it longer & harder in the Titan Cockring & Spiral Ball Stretcher


It's all right there. Your eyes are drawn to his pulsing dick and low-hanging balls. He is ready for hot sex and you want to be a part of it. Everything is focused right where it should be:  his cock and balls.

He's geared up for his best fuck. 

His hard, pumped up prick is a result of basic science: you get your best jack, blow job or fuck with a cock ring around the base of your dick. Really want to go the distance? Your Titan .4 cockring will keep you pumped up and pumping for hours. When the blood flows into your dick you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and ready to keep fucking all night long.

Don't think you need it? Go ahead and skip the cockring and you'll miss out on superior size, heft and performance.

He's also experiencing even more pleasure because of the Spiral Ball Stretcher on his nads. It's made to give your boys a good tug! Just stretch this flexible cylinder around the base of your nuts and enjoy the erotic pulling sensation. The skin of your scrotum is now stretched taut as well, making it even more sensitive to the attentions of your partners.

It also can delay your orgasms and make your loads bigger too.

TuxmanATL from Atlanta wrote:  "Great as a cock ring as well"

He's right. I've worn mine as a cockring and it feels amazing! I love the extra thrust on my package.

It also feels so awesome when worn with my other gear. 

Go at it longer & harder in the Titan Cockring & Spiral Ball Stretcher


Like the hard stud pictured above, you'll appreciate the craftsmanship of the solid stainless steel Titan .4 penis ring in combination with the Spiral Ball Stretcher. This penis ring is solid so you know it’ll keep your boner rock solid for hours and hours of amazing sex.

Long-time friend and fan John commented:  "A cockring definitely improves multiple facets of a male’s life. I wear one every day and change G-E styles according to my mood from light and narrow to heavy and thick. It’s great body jewelry which gets the good out in front and just feels good. For sex, it’s a huge improvement in satisfying my partner but also in being able to go at it harder and longer and have a better orgasm. Try one and you won’t go back."

The Spiral Stretcher will delay orgasm (because it prevents your balls from retracting prior to cumming) and increase the power and quantity of your loads. 

Go at it longer and harder in your Titan Cockring and Spiral Ball Stretcher!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





    (Photo provided by customer. TuxmanATL and John are not pictured. 



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