Why I can't wait to do Cardio:  Spire Erection Penis Ring & Anal Plug


Do you ever get bored cranking out your cardio on the elliptical or bike?  I know I do.  But I've found a great way to make cardio (and working out in general) more fun.  But be careful, you might sport a woody through your entire workout if you try this out!

It's easy - and it feels so good.  Just slip the Spire Erection Penis Ring and Anal Plug over your cock and balls and slip the knob up your ass.  You don't have to be a bottom to enjoy having your Prostate stimulated.  And this toy does it with every move you make - that's why cardio has become so much fun!

The Spire brings amazing pleasure because its cockring is connected to a flexible, knobby plug that rubs and pleasures your prostate when you move.  In the picture below, you can see that his workout may be over but he is still bone-hard.  The knob is up his chute and he is ready for a different kind of action.  (You know it's going to be good.)  The knobs feel amazing going in (and out again) and the flex TPR material makes it easy to slide in.  They also provide amazing stimulation to your prostate (aka P-Spot).  I really like the balls because it can be easier to insert than a thicker toy.

The beauty of the Spire Erection Penis Ring and Anal Plug is that it also, like any other well-fitted cock ring on your prick, feels great because it restricts the blood flow from escaping.  This means your dick is going to stay thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive to every thrust, lick and touch.  It's all linked and the pleasure is intense! 

One thing that I have discovered with these toys is that they are not one size fits all.  I find that I need a bit more length between cockring and plug; however, this one provides a nice length.

Why I can't wait to do Cardio:  Spire Erection Penis Ring & Anal Plug


You will totally get off on the Buttballs rubbing and teasing your prostate. Studies have shown (and by the way, don't trust us, do your own research) that rubbing the prostate sends the signal to your brain that you're having an orgasm.  The sensation floods your body as you experience the pleasure of an orgasm without the cum.  A dry orgasm means you can keep on going. Therefore, you can experience multiple male orgasms.

If you're like me, your horny factor will start to hit the roof.  Whether you find a playmate or just rub one out, it's an amazing addition to my toy chest and I love what it does for me.

Discover why I can't wait to do cardio and enjoy that all-day prostate pleasure with the Spire Erection Penis Ring and Anal Plug.

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WHERE TO FIND IT:  Spire Erection Penis Ring and Anal Plug:  https://gearessentials.com/products/spire-erection-enhancer-anal-stimulator?_pos=1&_sid=234e88ff1&_ss=r  



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