Stacked Ball Weights:

We've gotten some comments lately from folks saying they can't understand why a man would hang stainless steel off his balls. They think it's too 'kink.' I know, I used to think the same thing. Then I put one on. My dick popped up and I was SOLD!       

Now I love the feeling of ball stretchers hanging off my nads! What looks like a cylindrical hunk of metal (or three) hanging off your ball sac is really just a method for increasing the intensity of your orgasm and maximizing the sensitivity of your balls with increased pleasure. The guy pictured below has stacked three 8 Oz. Ball Weights on his sac. He has customized the amount of weight and bandwidth that is ideal for him. (He could also get a single 24 Oz. weight - but he has probably stretched up to this weight after wearing ball weights for a while.  

We received the following e-mail from a long-time customer. He listed all the products he loves but what he really loves is his ball stretcher: "I also have the 1 lb ball weight. I LOVE this. I have "firm" balls so getting this on was a challenge at first, not pinching my shit. I wear this for many reasons, but I will tell you, the orgasm you get with this weight on is awesome. I really like the feel of it slapping against me and my partner."    

We agree, the orgasms are amazing!  You'll find that orgasms are more intense, last longer (because your balls can't retract up into your body) and some men find that they shoot more cum farther.

Do you need any more reasons? The most important - ball weights feel great!


"The orgasm you get with this weight on is awesome"

This guy has the balls to stack three 8 Oz. ball weights for a total weight of 1.5 lbs. / .68 kg. For most of us (when we are ready for the next larger size) it's too difficult squeezing our ball sac into the longer 'channel' of the next size up. It's far easier to just slip another 8 Oz. Ball Stretcher in the gap next to your existing weight. In this way your balls are already gathered and it's a snap to get the next one on.

All of our ball weights are crafted in the US of quality solid stainless steel (this helps prevent skin irritations.) The two halves are secured by an Allen screw to prevent them from popping off as you go about your day or during heavy play. (I love to wear mine all day and especially when having sex). While initially they can be tricky to put on, with practice (and as your balls relax) it becomes second nature. I can put mine on in a couple of seconds at this point.

Get ready for your "awesome" orgasms with your new ball weights!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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