Stacked Ball Weights:


I received another e-mail this week from a guy who would like bigger balls. He's not alone. A lot of men are high and tight--or experience ball retraction if they are on steroids.

If you want more drop in your sac, ball weights will do the trick. If you want a bigger sac, go with the ball weight mega stack like the stud pictured below. He's wearing 3.25 inches / 8.255 cm (3 lbs. 3 ounces / 1.45 kg) of ball weights. He's got a really nice drop to his scrotum and could easily add more.

Obviously, most of us cannot start with five ball weights hanging from our ball sacs. Start with the size that fits and when you begin to notice more drop in your sac slide a 1/2" bandwidth ball stretcher or the 9.2 ounce Omega Split Ring above your existing ball stretcher to help you grow to the next size. Little by little you will get to the place where you too can wear a pleasurable amount of metal on your balls.

Regardless of how much weight you can stack on your balls, you will find a lot of pleasure in having these classic rings of solid stainless steel wrapped around your nut sac. Yesterday I was bouncing around in just my 8 oz. / 1/2" (23 kg / 18 mm) bandwidth ball weight. It felt great! There's enough weight there that I feel the pleasure of the tug and twist. It definitely is working.

Today I added the Omega Split Ring on top of my traditional ball stretcher. I love the Omega because it's rounded like a donut (toroidal) so it fits where my cock and balls flare to meet my torso--easily resting above my traditional ball weights. It's a great way to add more weight easily. And if you are at the point where you want more but your balls haven't stretched enough to accommodate it, the Omega Split will do the trick.


Stacked Ball Weights:  "it feels amazing"


Not everyone finds these easy to wear. I know my first few times I needed a lot of patience. Now I can get one on in just a few seconds now.

Buckeye from the Midwest US wrote:  "I overall rating of these is 4.5. I now have the entire collection of the plain ball weights. I've worn all of them at one time. Just amazing. The reason its not a 5 out of 5 is that the 1.5" inside diameter is just a tad bit small for me. I really struggle to get these on and it takes me a entire day to be able to put them all on one at a time. For the time it takes for me to put on I have to wear these for an entire day. Its a challenge, but also well worth the time.

"After an entire day of wearing the 8,16,24, and 32oz ball weights I then take off one of them and then wear 3 ball weights all day. I continue that process until I am not wearing any at all. My ball sack hangs so low. I have gained a total of 2" of hanging balls!!"

Floyd added:  "And it works. I’ve gotten up to wearing the 24 ounce and 8 ounce together. Working up to going to the 24 ounce + 16 ounce. Then add the 8 ounce. It’s stretched out my ball sack nicely. And it feels amazing."

If you want to grow faster, wear as much weight as you possibly can for as long as you can. (For example, I can wear two pounds of ball stretchers for up to nine hours--but I do experience ball fatigue after that much time. If I'm just wearing the 8 ounce weight, I can wear it 24 hours a day without tiring at all.) It's like an exercise program--every day wear it a little longer. After you take your ball weights off, use a heavy body lotion or cream to moisturize and soften your balls to help them stretch.

New to ball stretchers? Here's some advice on getting your ball weight on the first time.


Tips for Putting on a Ball Weight

Putting on your ball weight will feel like trying to write with the wrong hand for a while. When I first started wearing one I thought I would never wear it on regular basis--it was such a pain to put on. But now it takes me about 20 seconds.

The best method for putting on a ball stretcher is to put it on immediately after getting out of the shower. You are warm and your balls have dropped about as far as they will go at that point! [I don't recommend wearing it IN the shower though--the ‘male nub’ on the inside could rust. I made the mistake of swimming with my first one. It felt great but I had to clean up the rust on that nub later. The stainless finish was fine though. It is interesting to note that Don (quoted above) also wrote me to say, "I did have better results wearing a 16 oz. ball weight in shower."]

When you get out of the shower, lay down on your bed or couch with your head slightly inclined so you can see and reach your balls easily. Place the side of the ball weight with the Allen screw on your right side if you are right-handed (left side if you are left-handed--the screw should be on your dominant hand's side). Tighten the screw enough to keep the two halves together but swing it wide open. You are going to use this as a hinge point. Place one half of the ball weight under your balls. The top half is wide open. With your less dominant hand, pull your balls away from your body. If you have a lot of ball sac, twist slightly to narrow them up. The goal is to get them INTO the ball weight.

With your dominant hand, swing the open half of the ball weight over your balls and line up the male and female parts together. It should still be loose at this point. Your balls should be through the weight--but probably still 'slopping' over and just waiting to be pinched. Tighten the Allen screw a bit more--so the two halves don't slip apart. Now that the two halves are loosely together, tug on your balls again and use a finger to sweep extra skin out of the joints--squeeze the two halves together firmly with your other hand. NOW screw it all the way shut.

The first time I put mine on it took me about ten minutes to do it. Now I can do it in about 20 seconds. It will soon become second nature to you too—and you will love it.


Are you ready to feel amazing? Stack on some ball weights and enjoy the erotic pull and twist of the weights, delayed and more powerful orgasms, and a longer ball sac.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Buckeye and Floyd are not pictured.)


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This blog just saved my sanity! And my balls! I’ve purchased several ball weights over the years and it always took me forever to get them on. I was starting to feel like it wasn’t worth it. Sure the end effect was great but was it really worth the effort? This blog has given me the confidence, and the process, to weigh my boys with ease. BTW…wearing some as I write this. THANKS!

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