Stacked Ball Weights


We love sharing pics from our customers. You've seen him before--here is a GearFan showing off his stacked ball weights and Mavrik glans ring.

He writes:  "I wore this hiking one was so exciting knowing what I had on underneath my underwear either. Love having my huge ball bulge for anyone to see. A little tough going uphill though...keep smacking against my legs!!! LOL"


Stacked Ball Weights "Love having my huge ball bulge"


He's got over 5" of ball drop! He's buffering his ball weights with silicone cock rings. Many customers tell us that they have great success wearing a Nitrile or Silicone cock ring between stacked ball weights. The rings acts as ‘bumpers’ to avoid any pinching and they help keep everything comfortably in place.

He's also wearing the Mavrik glans ring (available for only a limited time) for even more "mini hand job in his shorts" pleasure!

There are a lot of reasons for wearing ball weights—they feel great and will create a huge ball bulge!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)





Hey, John—it depends on your physiology. But if you wear your ball weights every day (some guys wear them 24/7) and then take the time to massage your balls with a high quality lotion, you should see some fairly quick progress. You do need to wear as much weight as you can to stretch faster though (if you wear an 8 oz. all the time you won’t stretch as quickly as if you wore a 24 oz. for example). ENJOY! J.

John Collins

John Collins

That’s awesome, how long does it take for your scrotum to stretch out as you use weights.

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