Stacked Cockrings and glans ring for a BIG Impression!


He's got an impressive cock. And he is showing it off with an impressive array of cock gear.

He is stacking two Titan .2 cockrings and a Strut cockring for a total bandwidth of .8 inches (2.03 cm). I'll admit that I really love the look and feel of this. It is a grander, more eye-catching look with paired Titans surrounding the architecturally-inspired unique look of the Strut.

This has created a wider, custom look and feel for a big impression--on a big cock!

And a cockring makes your big cock get even bigger. It's basic science:  a cockring keeps your prick thicker, harder and supports those hung ones to keep you firm over the long haul. A cock ring is addictive--once you start wearing one, you really miss it when you don't have it on. Even when flaccid it keeps your prick thicker. You sense the power even when casually moving throughout your day. It also pumps up your attitude with extra confidence!

Get ready to make a big impression!


Stacked C rings & glans ring for a BIG Impression! Featuring stacked Titans & Strut


Titan Cockrings

If you are new to cockrings, a great first-time choice is the Titan cockring. It's a solid pick for every day: solid, classic and elegant in design with gently curved edges for optimum comfort. It looks great and it helps you perform great--the Titan keeps you pumped up for better sex.

Crafted from solid stainless steel, the Titan penis ring features gently rolled edges for maximum comfort. He is wearing twin Titan .2 rings in brushed (also available in the high-gloss mirrored) finish. The Titans are also available in the .4 inch and .6 inch bandwidth. (You can also get the glans ring--he is wearing the Titan .4 glans ring--in a .9 inch bandwidth when you really want to make an impression!) 


Stacked C rings & glans ring for a BIG Impression! Featuring stacked Titans & Strut


Strut Cockring

Mike from Southern California wrote:  "This is my second Strut cock Ring and I love the look of this ring presents. It has the attention factor that I like in the size that I love. As a machinist, I appreciate the quality, design and attention to detail. Works great, but not too heavy for daily wear. Like all Gear Essentials products it is fantastic. If you need help, customer service is the best."

This is a great looking ring. Crafted in the USA from solid stainless (so you know it is durable and skin-safe), the Strut penis ring is only .4 inches (1.016 cm) wide. Its unique design really makes heads turn (in more ways than one!) and when sandwiched between the Titan .2's, it makes for a really striking statement.


Stacked Cockrings and the Titan .4 glans ring for a BIG Impression!


Titan .4 Glans Ring

Weighing down the head of his impressive cock is the Titan .4 head ring. The beauty of this ring is that it helps extend your flaccid cock to its fullest potential--so you can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. I also enjoy the sensation of this heavier head ring when I walk and move throughout my day. It's been called a "mini hand job" in your pants!  

Gary F. from Texas wrote:  "I love my new Titan .4 glans ring. My wife thinks it's cool... I love the weight on the end of my cock."

David from Toronto added:  "I now know what all the excitement over these Gland rings is. I ordered the .2 titan in different sizes, that way I will get the best fit. The size is very important as you want the gland ring to stay on when your soft but not restrict the blood flow too much. Hey I'm no expert but these Gland rings are amazing I guessed at a size and it slid on just under the head of my cock, as I'm an uncut guy the foreskin covers the ring till I get hard. If you have not tried Gland rings I suggest you give them a try."

You can see in the pictures above how the Titan glans ring pumps up the head of his uncut dick--and it gets even more pronounced when he has a hard on. Just like a cockring, a head ring restricts blood flow so his dickhead gets huge which heightens sensitivity.

Like the Titan and Strut C rings, the Titan .4 is crafted from solid stainless steel. It's an impressive look that fits snugly beneath the crown of your dick--whether you're uncut or circumcised. Due to its weight, the Titan .4 glans ring weighs down the head of your penis for a longer flaccid look to show of your impressive potential.

Give your best and biggest impression with stacked cockrings and glans ring and make a BIG impression! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by David Lee.)



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