Strut Cockring:


When you get right down to it, a cockring is meant to keep your dick thicker and harder. This means you will enjoy better sex--whether solo or with others.

However, there's also a part of us that wants it to look good. Does your cock ring enhance your self-image? Does it impact what others think of us? Does a particular cock ring make your dick look better?

I'm around a lot of cockrings--and a lot of guys wearing them. Some rings look better on some dicks than others do.

The Strut penis ring is a ring that looks good on just about everybody! It's definitely an enhancement and not necessarily the main show (although it is a very good-looking supporting character). It is amazingly comfortable yet has an architecturally slim profile that makes heads turn. Hand-crafted of solid stainless steel in the US, this penis ring offers perfection for an afternoon going commando or an evening of sophisticated sensual pleasure.

Randy from California wrote: Great ring! This is my second one. I wanted another one just like it, I tend to lose or misplace them. Everyone likes the interesting look of this one, I get lots of compliments. Good fit!”


Strut Cockring: "Everyone likes this one" from gear essentials


You will make lots of friends when you wear this handsome cockring. It's intimate jewelry that adds a touch of class to any occasion. With a narrower profile (.4 inches / 10 mm) and lighter weight (nearly 3 ounces / 76 grams) the Strut is easy to wear--and you will see that it makes a big impression!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Richard Yates. To see more of Richard's work check @ Randy is not pictured.)



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