Strut Cockring:


The purpose of a cockring is to enhance. It enhances the look of your prick keeping you thicker when flaccid and overwhelmingly erect when hard. It also enhances your performance. It keeps you hard for the second go-around when many would just bail and relax into post-coital bliss.

The Strut features an amazingly comfortable yet architectural slim profile that makes heads turn. The Strut is part of the architecturally-inspired Contour Collection. Hand-crafted of solid stainless steel in the US, this penis ring offers perfection for an afternoon going commando or an evening of sophisticated sensual pleasure.

In a recent review, Randy from California wrote: Great ring! This is my second one. I wanted another one just like it, I tend to lose or misplace them. Everyone likes the interesting look of this one, I get lots of compliments. Good fit!”


Strut Cockring: "Lots of compliments. Good fit!" by gear essentials


Heads will certainly turn for this big-headed monster meat elegantly wrapped in a Strut cock ring. It's intimate jewelry that adds a touch of class to any occasion. With a narrower profile (.4 inches / 10 mm) and lighter weight (nearly 3 ounces / 76 grams) the Strut is easy to wear--and you can see it makes a big impression!

Are you ready for those compliments? 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Randy is not pictured.)



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