Stunningly Hard in His Half Screw Cockring


Below is a stunning cock shot of GearFan that he shared with us on Twitter. His very impressive hard on is supported and strengthened by his Half Screw cockring (pictured below).

The Half Screw penis ring is constructed of solid aluminum. It's light enough for comfortable work-all-day / play-all-night wear yet hard enough to keep you stunningly hard, pumped and ready for action. (The evidence is below.)

Need to get some pounding done and get off? This ring will help you do it...all night long! 

The Half Screw may be lightweight but it does everything you need a cock ring to do. It comes in several bandwidths:  .3 inches (Quarter Screw--which also comes in a 1 5/8 diameter), .6 inches (the Half Screw shown below) and the Full Screw at nearly an inch (.9 inches). These penis rings are really comfortable under tight underwear or jeans too. The Half Screw C ring makes for a pronounced bulge under anything you are wearing so you look, feel and perform more impressively.  


Stunningly Hard in His Half Screw Cockring by gear essentials


Speaking of bulges, not only does it show off your package, but it pumps you up as Mark from North Carolina noted:  'Awesome Cock Ring!!! The 2 1/8" fits perfectly...presents my package very nicely, and takes my girth from 6 3/4" to 7 1/2".'

You will love this ring so much you may never want to take it off. Good thing too because you will get all of the attention you deserve when you wear your Half Screw cockring.  And like Mark says, your prick will be stunningly hard so you can give (and receive) the attention your partner deserves.

Keep your dick stunningly hard in the Half Screw cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here. ENJOY!

WHERE TO FIND IT:   Half Screw Cock Ring: 

(Photo by . Mark is not pictured.)



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