Brace yourself for the SurgeBLACK cockring


Brace yourself! Look what's coming at you.  

It's a chubbed cock (and loving those low-hangers) in a SurgeBLACK cock ring and it looks like he means business. 

Can you handle it?

He's hot and ready-to-go in his SurgeBLACKThe concave design of the SurgeBLACK cock ring makes it look as though his dick is exploding out of it. A penis ring already keeps your dick fuller; harder; more sensitive to every lick, nibble, touch and stroke; and ready to go the distance; but the SurgeBLACK cock magnifies the impact.

GuillaumeKarl from San Francisco wrote:  "I love how it protrudes your cock and balls. And due to its shape I love how it holds your balls away from your thighs which makes it perfect for active daily use."

Ready or not, you're in for a good night.


Brace yourself for the SurgeBLACK Cocking by gear essentials


Sleek black, the SurgeBLACK seems to glimmer in the waning light. The .6 inch SurgeBLACK is crafted from medical-grade plastic in the USA. This material is so safe that surgeons use it in medical devices. It has a slight give but it's hard – to keep you HARD! They'll know you mean business with this baby on!

The fit and comfort are great too. Like all the penis rings in the ROBO collection, the SurgeBLACK features gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit. It is great for wear-all-day / play-all-night - if you are like me, you’ll forget you have it on - at least until you get hard!

(And don't forget the coordinating glans ring for that 'mini hand-job in your pants' sensation! You'll enjoy that big head too!)

Brace yourself:  give and get better sex with a rock hard dick in your SurgeBLACK cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. GuillaumeKarl is not pictured.)



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