Working the Big Pump in his SurgeBLACK Cockring


It's not just his bicep that's getting a big pump. This stud has perfect form in his SurgeBLACK cock ring. He's well-hung, but his penis ring is keeping him even more pumped up - and showing off his maximum potential when flaccid.

What is it about a cockring that keeps you thicker and fuller? It's basic science:  your cockring keeps your prick pumped, thicker, harder and more sensitive to every touch, lick, stroke and trust. You gain a hyper-awareness of all the nerve-endings in your cock and you know the huge power that hangs between your thighs. The sensation created by wearing a cock ring is unlike any other because it emphasizes and enhances sexual pleasure as well as pumping up your prick.  

Even better is the design of the SurgeBLACK cock ring because it looks like your dick is about to explode out of it! (And you will!) You'll love what this ring does for you.


Working the Big Pump in his SurgeBLACK Cockring


The .6 inch SurgeBLACK, crafted out of medical-grade plastic, is so safe it's used in medical devices. It has a slight give but it's hard so it keeps you HARDER! You're sure to be chubbed up and cocky with this ring on your hardening prick. And when you're as hung as this stud a little support goes a long way to keeping you harder, more erect and totally PUMPED!

The fit and comfort are great too. Like all the penis rings in the ROBO collection, the SurgeBLACK features gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit. It's great for work-all-day / play-all-night wear—if you're like me, you’ll forget you even have it on—until you pop an erection!

Bill from Florida wrote:  "purchased my first gear essentials at IML in 2005 and have a great collection! Just received my surge black cocking, light weight perfect for all day and that chance encounter I just experienced. I was ready to go and we both enjoyed the total pleasure of the moment with everything keep in play! Thanks for all the options I remain a totally satisfied customer.."

You'll enjoy those chance encounters too! Are you ready to work the big pump in your SurgeBLACK cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Bill is not pictured.)



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