Unleash the Beast in your SurgeBlack Cockring


Are you ready to get your most mind-blowing head? Just slip a SurgeBLACK cock ring on that long, monster cock of yours and it will explode in a massive gush of pleasure!

Hold the SurgeBLACK up and it might look quiet and unassuming. But when you slip it over your cock and balls it makes your dick look like it's exploding out of the ring - you look and feel like a HUGE monster! 

This impression is a result of the unique concave design. And a cock ring is designed to make your meat look even thicker, harder, longer and juicier. It also makes your prick more sensitive to every touch, taste, tease and tickle. Get ready for the cum-explosion of a lifetime!

This stud may be helplessly blindfolded and bound, but the impact on his monster cock is huge! Unleash the beast!

Bill from Sarasota, Florida wrote:  "purchased my first gear essentials at IML in 2005 and have a great collection! Just received my surge black cocking, light weight perfect for all day and that chance encounter I just experienced. I was ready to go and we both enjoyed the total pleasure of the moment with everything keep in play! Thanks for all the options. I remain a totally satisfied customer."

Whether your encounter is planned or by chance, make sure you are prepared for total satisfaction.


Unleash the Beast in your SurgeBLACK Cockring


There's no doubt about it, this is one fine looking cockring on an impressive prick. The SurgeBLACK penis ring is .6" / 1.52 cm wide and is crafted out of medical-grade plastic in the USA. Medical-grade plastic is so safe that surgeons use it to replace organs during surgeries. In addition, the fit and comfort are amazing due to gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit. That means that you can wear it all day and then play all night. You might just forget you have it on—until you get monster hard! You'll be glad you have that extra support when it's time to unleash the beast. 

GuillaumeKarl adds:  "I love how it protrudes your cock and balls."

You and your partners will love it too. Unleash the beast in your SurgeBLACK cockring. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


WHERE TO FIND IT:   SurgeBLACK Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/surgeblack-cock-ring


(Pic submitted by customer. Bill and GuillaumeKarl not pictured.)





The struggle is real. He wants to jack off his throbbing cock but can’t touch it. He can’t wait for someone to come in and drain his cum. The pressure is building as he waits.



That looks like a fun cock to ride. I could bounce up and down and milk it dry.



This is a nice setup! Bound up and ready for action.

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