Bigger & Harder for your Best Sex in the SurgeBLACK Cockring


For the best fuck you've ever had just slip on a cock ring.  The stud below has it figured out, he's rock hard in his the SurgeBLACK cockring.

For the best sex of your life - whether it's a blow job, fucking or a good wank - a penis ring keeps your prick thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive.  You'll love wearing the SurgeBLACK cock ring.  It's an amazingly hot ring in down and dirty black medical-grade plastic. 

The SurgeBLACK may look rather quiet and unassuming, but once you get this concave beauty over your cock and balls you will be stunned by the difference it makes!  Your dick look like it's exploding out of the ring - you look HUGE!  (And you can't argue with that kind of self-promotion.)     


Bigger & Harder for your Best Sex in the SurgeBLACK Cockring


Matt from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina wrote:  "This was my first non-jelly or silicon cock ring and man did I make the right choice! For the price it is perfect for the first time cock ring wearer and it doesn't brake the bank.

"Its smooth and concave design makes your package explode out the end with beautiful flare. The black is a very sexy choice.

"Weight wise it is on the lighter side but that's what one should expect from the light but very sturdy medical grade plastic, it makes me want to try some of the metal ones (I see a new purchase in my near future).

"Performance wise it is on point, harder, longer lasting, more sensitive, and a stronger punch at the end. Thanks to the handy sizing guide at the bottom of the site I was able to pick the right size the first time.  

"In conclusion, would I recommend this product, the answer is a hard and throbbing YES!"

A "hard and throbbing YES" is a pretty strong recommendation.  There's no doubt about it, the SurgeBLACK penis ring is sexy-hot!  It's .6 inches wide and is crafted out of medical-grade plastic right here in the USA.  Medical-grade plastic is so safe that surgeons use it in surgeries.  In addition, the fit and comfort are amazing due to gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit.  That means that you can wear it all day and then play all night.   It's so comfortable that you might just forget you have it on—until you get hard!  Then you'll be glad you have that extra support. 

Add the SurgeBLACK cock ring to your collection and keep it HUGE!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 




(Photo submitted by customer.  Matt is not pictured.)





I absolutely love the fur on this well built stud. I would have no issue riding that cock or blowing him. He is just waiting to please or be pleased.



Ringed and ready!



This stud is ready for action.

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