Best blow in your SurgeBLACK Cockring


You'll get your best blow job in a cock ring. The stud below has the right idea. He is keeping his rod stiff with the SurgeBLACK cockring.

For the best sex of your life-whether blow job, fucking or a good wank, a penis ring keeps your prick thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. You'll love wearing the SurgeBLACK cock ring. It's an amazingly hot ring in down and dirty black medical-grade plastic. 

The SurgeBLACK may look rather quiet and unassuming, but once you get this concave beauty on your cock and balls you'll be stunned by the difference it makes. Your dick will look like it's exploding out of the ring--you look HUGE! (And you can't argue with that kind of self-promotion.)    

Best blow in your SurgeBLACK Cockring


There's no doubt about it, the SurgeBLACK penis ring is sexy-hot! It's .6 inches wide and crafted out of medical-grade plastic right here in the USA. Medical-grade plastic is so safe that surgeons use it to replace organs during surgeries. In addition, the fit and comfort are amazing due to gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit. That means that you can wear it all day and then play all night. (We do recommend taking your cock ring off when you sleep to avoid painful nocturnal erections.) You might just forget you have it on—until you get hard! Then you'll be glad you have that extra support. 

Enjoy your best blow in your SurgeBLACK cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 




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