Unlock Max Pleasure with a Dildo and SurgeBLACK Cockring


It looks like things are getting pretty steamy. That big dildo is about to be tickling his prostate.

Things may be focused on his ass but this hunk's showing off his best asset - his chubbed uncut cock. It's beautiful and his rigid medical-grade plastic SurgeBLACK cock ring is keeping it pulled up, front and forward so it's easy to enjoy. There is something super sexy about the SurgeBLACK cock rings that make it look like his dick is exploding out of it! 

When you want to maximize pleasure, the first step is a cock ring. A cockring keeps the blood restricted in your penis so you get and stay thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. There are times when edging (coming right to the edge of cumming and then backing off again--building up to that edge of intensity and then stopping until you absolutely explode) when your cock becomes all tingly and feels like it is glowing. That is good sex.



Unlock Max Pleasure with a Dildo and SurgeBLACK Cockring


And there is nothing like jacking off while playing with your prostate. The P-Spot (also known as the male G-spot) is an incredible pleasure center located inside your anus near the base of the penis. Having played with P-Spot toys, I can attest that at times it gets so intense I have to stop because I just can't take it anymore. 

I have to hand it to the stud pictured here. He is going for a big one! Regardless of the size of your P-Spot toy, foreplay is important. Take the time to massage the inside of the thighs, up and down the perineum and around the asshole. Warm things up.

There are many ways to tease your prostate. You can use your finger, a toy or a dildo. Make sure you generously lubricate your ass with a water-based lube. If you're using your finger, insert it up to the second knuckle or so. Crook your finger slightly as if scratching an itch and press towards the base of the penis. Pet the prostate with your finger pulling it outwards. Repeat. Prepare to feel amazing!

Like the guy pictured, you can use a dildo to stimulate the prostate in much the same way. Again, make sure you thoroughly lube up first. Insert your dildo or toy a few inches up the ass. Move it in and out exerting pressure on the out-stroke to avoid jabbing in a way that might cause pain. If you are using a realistic dildo with a head and corona, the ridge can provide additional stimulation that will absolutely make your toes curl!

If your toy has a curve, make sure it is pointed so the curved side cradles and reaches around the prostate. This should mimic what you would do with your finger. If you are lying on your back, the curve should be pointing upwards. If you are on hands and knees—doggy style—the curve should be headed down.

To heighten the experience of P-Spot massage, aim towards the prostate and put pressure there. Concentrate on thrusting in short, rapid movements and caress the prostate to provide more stimulation.  


Unlock Max Pleasure with a Dildo and SurgeBLACK Cockring


He is sliding on down that big ol' dildo. You can ready the pleasure on his face as his prostate is massaged and his dick is being swallowed. This could get overwhelming pretty quickly.

As your prostate is being stimulated you may feel as though you have to go to the bathroom. This is a typical response and for some men this is initially very uncomfortable. While it's not unusual, if you feel significant pain or discomfort, stop. In addition, if you have a disease of the prostate, acute prostatitis or inflammation of any kind, rubbing the prostate may cause the infection to spread to other areas of your body.

Prostate stimulation is incredible. It enhances the intensity of your orgasms and creates a sensation of the endless “O”. You can even climax from just prostate stimulation without even touching your dick! Remember that the prostate gland takes time to get fully engorged though. The degree of intensity will vary depending on the duration of prostate massage. It pays to delay cumming as long as possible to build up that intensity.

And of course, when combined with your  cockring, cumming will be even more explosive!

Here's a closer look at the SurgeBLACK cock ring.



A Closer Look at the SurgeBLACK Cockring  


The SurgeBLACK cock ring is a good looking ring. gear essentials' first non-metal penis ring (the Grip) was so popular that we had to create another--and in a style that is even MORE popular.

The .6 inch SurgeBLACK is crafted out of medical-grade plastic in the USA. This material is so safe it's used in medical devices. It has just a slight give but it's hard–to keep you HARD! You're sure to be chubbed up and cocky with this ring around your hardening rod.

The fit and comfort are great too. Like all the penis rings in the ROBO collection, the SurgeBLACK features gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit. It's great for wear-all-day / play-all-night—if you are like me, you’ll forget you have it on—at least until you get hard!

Are you ready to unlock maximum pleasure? Get a dildo and SurgeBLACK cockring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos 1 and 2 submitted by customer. Photo 3 by Simeon Den.)





Nothing like filling one hole and draining another. Good times!



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