Surge Cockring and Glans Ring:


I've never met a dick that didn't look good in the Surge Cock and Glans ring combination. The concave design of these rings makes it looks as though your dick (and dickhead) are exploding out of them! 

And with its lightweight solid aluminum construction, it's hard to find something that's more comfortable.

We like starting with a cockring. It's foundational. This stud is packing but the addition of a Surge penis ring gives him his biggest, best bone. It also supports and strengthens his dick. Even when flaccid, a penis ring keeps his prick thicker.

Dana from San Diego wrote:  "The Surge is beautiful and fits so well! I love the look, especially when worn with my glans ring ... The contour of the ring makes putting it on easier than any previous (non-Gear) cock ring I've worn. It feels great and looks even better!"


Surge Cockring and Glans Ring:  "fits so well! I love the look..."


Add a glans ring and your prick will really pop! When combined with the cockring, it really pumps up the size of your dickhead. It will be irresistible!

This light-weight solid aluminum glans ring fits perfectly beneath the corona of your dick. It's like nothing we have seen. The unique Surge design makes your dick look like it is absolutely exploding! Wider than the average glans ring (1/2 inch / 12.7 mm wide) it features our new corona fit (the interior rim is squared to help prevent the ring from slipping off). This ring coordinates with the Surge Cock Ring line or any of the aluminum cockrings.

One of the many benefits of a glans ring is the experience of the 'mini hand job' in their pants. Sex with a glans ring also lasts longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of your dick.

Discover the rings that fit so well - and you'll love the look too!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!




(Photo by Jay Williams. Dana is not pictured.)



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