A more explosive la petite mort in his Titan cockring & glans ring


The moment of release - la petite mort! This term refers to "the brief loss or weakening of consciousness" post-orgasm.

We love that feeling. And to extend it I hugely enjoy edging -- masturbating up to the point of orgasm and then backing off so I can do it again. I can spend hours doing this until I finally explode. 

A key part of my jack off practice is a cockring and glans ring (and I often add a ball weight to assist in delaying that orgasm as well as nipple clamps alternating with nipple suckers to highlight those pleasure zones).

And sometimes I just rub one out for pure stress release and joy!

The stud pictured here is blowing a huge wad in his Titan cockring and Titan glans ring It's a sight to behold. His Penis ring is really keeping his prick hard.

The science of a penis ring is basic:  when you get turned on blood flows into your dick. Your cock ring restricts it from flowing out again. Your dick stays much thicker and fuller than it is during your normal flaccid state. I also find that a cock ring (along with glans ring and ball weights) makes me more aware of my prick and that creates its own excitement - which then keeps my dick chubbed.

If you are looking for a less bulky ring for every day wear and mobility the Titan .2 penis ring is a great choice. It features a low profile so it isn’t bulky. The edges are nicely rounded so it is extremely comfortable under tight clothes. 

Doogie from New York wrote:  "I received this cock ring earlier this week, put it on that evening and have not taken it off since.... The ring is incredibly comfortable, well crafted, no pinching problems, and is definitely going to be the ring of choice for a long time to come, I suspect. Oh, and it does its intended job right well.... My partner likes its results too."

We love that it is doing the intended job well! You'll be pleased with the comfort, quality and results too.


A more explosive la petite mort in his Titan cockring & glans ring


You know that I also love what a glans ring does for my prick.

Kei6, an international customer, wrote about his Titan .2 glans ring. He says it well:  "I brought the surge glans ring 2 weeks ago and immediately I ordered the titan .2 because of the quality of the product. I was a little concerned about size as I brought a size down with the titan .2 but the worry soon gone away the moment I put it on. It was a snug fit but the sensation was out of this world.

"I have been wearing it for the past two days and there was absolutely zero discomfort. The ring kept my head plumb all day without restricting blood circulation. Pushing against my chinos, the silhouette of my inflated glans caught a few colleague of guard adding to the sensation. The smaller size means the ring are completely concealed. Easily my best purchase from the GE team!"

I love the look and feel of my inflated glans. It is an awesome sensation.

Glans rings work on a similar principle to cockrings. As you get excited it restricts blood from leaving so you stay thicker. It works even better in combination with a penis ring. I generally won't jack off without it. My dickhead gets huge and super-sensitive. It makes edging a wonderful, toe-curling experience.

In addition, when just hanging out, the weight of it makes my flaccid dick hang at its lowest. For the "growers" of the world it helps even out the odds a bit!

I also enjoy the sensation as it rubs against the sensitive nerve-endings below my corona. With every move or step I am reminded of how lovely it is to have a dick! Many have referred to it as the 'mini handjob in my pants.'

It feels so good!

Enjoy a more explosive la petite mort in your Titan .2 cockring & glans ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




    (Photo submitted by customer. Doogie and Kei6 is not pictured.)



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