Sweet ride in his gear essentials' gear!


He's ready for a hard ride and he's got the equipment to do it.  Can you imagine sidling up to this leather stud on his fast motorcycle and feeling every pulse and thrust every time those spinning wheels hit a bump or rut?

Good times are to be had.

When you want a rock hard erection for the ride of your life you will be and feel bigger, harder, longer and stronger in your penis ring.  It's basic science:  a cock ring keeps the blood flow restricted in your cock.  So when you want the best possible sex, you need a C ring to keep your prick pumped!

This hot leather stud has a raging hard boner. He's keeping his prick rock hard in his Titan .6 penis ring.  (You know it will help keep you rock hard too.)    

The Titan cockring gives plenty of heat.  His dick is like a heat-seeking missile:  hard, thick and craving steamy hot sex (and you know he's going to get it). 

The Titan provides solid support for your man-meat with a minimum of fuss.  This must-have penis ring is crafted from solid stainless steel and features gently rolled edges for maximum comfort.

You can get Titans in a slimmer .2 inch (5.08 mm) or .4 inch (10.06 mm) bandwidth.  You can also get it in extended sizes (brushed finish only) in the Titan .4:  a 1 1/2" size (great for shaft rings or if you enjoy a really tight cock ring) or as large as the 2 1/4" - for the really big boys! (You can also really ramp up the pleasure by crowning your head with a Titan glans ring.  This adds to the party in your pants!)

He's also wearing a shaft ring.  Do you really want to pump up your prick?  Try a shaft ring.  It helps elevate those huge dicks.

He's wearing the Quarter Screw cockring.  Like a cock ring worn at the base of the dick, it keeps the blood trapped in his shaft so he stays harder, thicker and longer.

John from Palm Springs wrote:  "I LOVE this ring!!!  It's light.  It's simple.  AND It does the trick.  It comes in other companion sizes, or you can just stack them one on top of the other.  It makes my junk look really good whether i'm in shorts or in a jock.  All of GE rings are pretty awesome, After this one, (and since I have 2 others from GE), I've thrown all my other rings away.  My junk is picky now and won't wear anything else."

At .3 inches this lightweight aluminum cock ring is perfect when you need something extra on your side–and in your pants.  gear essentials’ lightest ring, the Quarter Screw, is supremely comfortable due to the ROBO Cock comfort fit interior.  These solid aluminum cock rings are made using quality metal from the USA.  Enjoy a gentle reminder that you have a reason to be cocky when you sport one of these high-end cock rings.

But that's not all.  He's also wearing a ball stretcher. 


Sweet ride in his gear essentials' gear!


He's solidly encased and stretched in a 2" leather snap ball stretcher.  The feeling is amazing as your balls are stretched and pulled away from your body. Not only does it feel intensely erotic, it delays orgasm and for many men makes for more cum when you finally do explode.

A bit stiff at first, with wear leather softens and feels like a second skin. You may find it addictive!  I'm also often asked if you can have an erection with a ball stretcher on - looks like the answer is yes. 

You'll be hard up in your ball stretcher too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.  John is not pictured.)



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