Discover the glory of glory holes in your Titan Cockring


Back in the early years when I was trying to figure out who and what I was, I discovered Adult Book stores that had video booths. This opened a whole new world to me and allowed me to explore and discover what turned me on.

To this day, the thought of glory holes gets me excited. A lot of activity can happen somewhat privately between small holes drilled or carved into dividing walls.

And when you pay a visit to the video booths you want to make sure you are ready. You want your prick to be good and hard.

Limp dick just won't cut it.

It is the key to an awesome power fuck! The harder and thicker you are - the better the fuck. So if you want to keep it hard, thick and powerful, surround yourself with the stainless steel power of a Titan cock ring. The simple beauty of a cockring is that it keeps the blood IN your prick so you stay harder, thicker, longer and more powerful.

Keep it up—you'll reach places you’ve never dreamed of!


Discover the glory of glory holes in your Titan Cockring!


When you want to give a better power fuck just slip on a Titan cock ring and enjoy the ride.        

The Titan restricts the blood flow from leaving your dick which means that you stay thicker, harder and much more sensitive to every thrust and touch. Fill up your partner and fulfill that deep inner itch that only you can scratch with your thick pulsating prick (thanks to your penis ring).  

Even if you aren't a fucker, you will enjoy increased pleasure with a cock ring. And your dick will stay huge!  

And if you are your partner will take one look at your cock and beg to be ridden hard! The sensation of your throbbing love stick massaging the P- or G-Spot will drive them wild!  


Discover the glory of glory holes in your Titan Cockring


Buckeye from Ohio wrote:  "The bulging erections I get from this device is great. It gives my penis head a tingling delight when erected. Fantastic during sex or even a quick j/o."

It's going to be a stiff hard ride. Just the way we like it! Your Titan cock ring can do this - and more for you.

And your lover will experience more sexual satisfaction than ever before.

Long-time friend and fan John commented:  "A cockring definitely improves multiple facets of a male’s life. I wear one every day and change G-E styles according to my mood from light and narrow to heavy and thick. It’s great body jewelry which gets the good out in front and just feels good. For sex, it’s a huge improvement in satisfying my partner but also in being able to go at it harder and longer and have a better orgasm. Try one and you won’t go back."

Ronald Smith from Portland prefers a narrower penis ring: "This was just the cockring I've been looking for... for years. I've tried rubber, metal, painted, and silicon. Some worked.. for a short time. Others reacted to various lubes... Others caused a painful crouch rash. Stainless steel, top dog, with a finish that's fine as any jewelry, a joy to wear... I preferred the narrow cockring... Keep my balls hanging yet allowes full penatration without excessive ball banging. Awesome, work of art, this cockring is 5 stars."

The Titan series comes in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as four bandwidths (.2 inches, .4 inches, .6 and .9 inches). The Titan also comes in four bandwidths of glans rings—the .2, .4, .6 and .9. This adds to the party in your jock.

Discover the glory of glory holes in your Titan Cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:


(Photos submitted by customer. Buckeye, John and Ronald are not pictured.)





The good old glory hole. Do you suck, get sucked, fuck or get fucked? The options are amazing!



Fuck yes!!! Taking care of business one hole at a time.



This just seems so dirty! I love it. The anonymous fuck and suck. Fill one hole and drain another.

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