Feeling Small? Maximize what you've got with the Titan Cockring


If you watch any porn at all, you would be forgiven for thinking that the average dick size is about nine inches.

I'm not nine inches (even on a hot day).

Despite what the well-endowed studs shown in porn would have us believe, the average penis size (according to Medical News Today) is between 7 to 10 cm (2.8 to 3.9 inches) flaccid and 12 to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.3 inches) hard.

Are any of you letting out a sigh of relief? Feel free to print this out and share it with potential partners.

I have met some of you who defy the averages--congratulations! But the vast majority of us are just...well, average.

Remember too that our perspective is not great when checking out our junque. We are looking down on our dicks from above so they tend to look smaller. If you are comparing yourself to others based on that perspective, you are going to feel shortchanged. According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International, 45% of men believe they have a small penis. However, 85% of women are satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner's cock. In fact, more women are concerned about the width of your dick rather than the length. Girthy wins, folks!

One interesting point is that a high BMI and advanced age have a small correlation to reduced penis length. An old friend of mine jokes that for every 20 lbs. he gains he loses an inch. (I have not been able to confirm this!)

If you want to maximize what you have, pop a cock ring on it. It will keep your prick thicker, harder, longer, meatier and more sensitive. It's basic science:  your cockring keeps the blood that flows into your prick restricted from leaving. That means your pumped up rod stays that way! And it also means that sex (solo or with others) is so much better!

This feels really important when you are in an exposed space such as the locker room or a nude beach. We want to feel confident in our bodies including our anatomy. 


Feeling Small? Maximize what you've got with the Titan Cockring


The Titan .6 cock ring provides solid support for your dick with a minimum of fuss. This classic penis ring is crafted from solid stainless steel so it's super safe for extended wear and tear. It features a slim profile and gently rolled edges for maximum comfort.

You can also get the Titan in the thinner Titan .2 or Titan .4 penis ring. Want more? Check out the Titan .9 cockring.

Randal from North Carolina wrote:  "Sweet cock ring. It fits right and delivers when needed. I've worn it often and onlookers have given me winks of approval as I strut my junk."

Regardless of your dick size, you can maximize what you've got by keeping it pumped with a Titan cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan



(Photo submitted by customer. Randal is not pictured.)





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