You lift me up in the Titan .9 Penis Ring


It's nice to feel supported.  To have someone by your side, lifting you up, gives you a physical and emotional boost.

This man, and his very heavy penis, is being lifted and supported physically (always something to be appreciated and enjoyed) as well as with his Titan .9 penis ring.

It feels amazing.  Unlike rings with a smaller bandwidth, the Titan .9 pushes your package out even further for an amazing thrust.  It is stunning to behold. However, it still behaves like any other well-fitted cock ring as it pulls your junque forward, lifts your package up and makes your prick huge.  The blood that flows into your dick when you are excited is restricted from leaving again.  This means you stay harder, thicker, longer and more sensitive. 

The Titan series is a favorite - it features a band of stainless steel with rolled edges for a classic low-profile look.  This is why gear essentials created the wider .9" / 22.86 mm wide band.  You will love how it looks and feels on your rod.

We talk a lot about how cockrings improve your sexual performance and pleasure; however, there is also an aesthetic quality to them.  The Titan .9 cockring looks beautiful and makes your dick more beautiful as well.  It's amazing on a longer dick.  The bandwidth just feels right.


You lift me up in the Titan .9 Penis Ring



The Titan .9 cockring is handcrafted out of solid stainless steel in the USA so it keeps your big boner harder and bigger over the long haul.  You and your partners will appreciate the greater power, girth and firmness.

The science is simple:  blood flows into your dick when you get excited and your penis ring restricts it from leaving so your rod stays thicker, fuller, harder, longer and the sex is so much better.

Need a lift?  Get the Titan .9 cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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    (Photo provided by customer.)  





    Now that is definitely a BBC!!!! Holy hell



    That monster will never fit. Love the veins.

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