Stress relief in his Titan Ring & Leather Stretcher


It has been a tough week.  Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and edge for a while.  As you stroke to that point where the sensation builds and you think the pressure is going to explode, you back off.  Take a breath, wait for the sensation to wane and then start again.

Each time you reach the edge of exploding the pressure builds.  Once you take it over the edge and allow yourself to cum, you shoot a huge load over your shoulder!  It's an amazing sensation.

This will make you forget the stresses of the week.

The stud pictured below is wearing his Titan .9 cockring.  This ring looks amazing on his healthy, hard meat.  The bandwidth just feels right as it lifts his cock and balls (wrapped in a supple leather ball stretcher) up and away from his body.

The wider Titan .9 also feels amazing.  Unlike rings with a smaller bandwidth, the Titan .9 pushes your package out even further for an amazing thrust.  It is just stunning to behold.  However, it still behaves like any other well-fitted cock ring as it pulls your junque forward, lifts your package up and makes your prick huge.  The blood that flows into your dick when you are excited is restricted from leaving again.  This means you stay harder, thicker, longer and more sensitive. 

The Titan series is a favorite - it features a band of stainless steel with rolled edges for a classic low-profile look.  This is why gear essentials created a new, wider .9" / 22.86 mm wide band.  You're going to love how it looks and feels on your hot rod.

The science is simple:  blood flows into your dick when you get excited and your penis ring restricts it from leaving so your rod stays thicker, fuller, harder, longer and the sex is so much better.  And your loads are amazing!


Stress relief in his Titan Cockring & Leather Ball Stretcher


Like this boned-up babe I love to combine a ball stretcher with a cock ring.  Back when I thought a ball weight was too kinky for my taste (man, did I get that wrong), I wore my leather ball stretchers a lot.  (I think this was my ‘gateway drug!’)  The leather stretcher provides a nice pull on the balls (although I find that I do miss the weight).  However, this is a great introduction to how ball stretching feels—and it still provides the amazing elongated orgasm that I’ve grown to love and expect.

Frankly, when you add a ball stretcher you have a one-two knock-out punch. (The ball stretcher also results in greater sensitivity in your ball sack. Sometimes it is just too much…)

When you need a lot of stress relief, take some time to rub out a big load in your big Titan .9 cockring and leather ball stretcher. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





    (Photo provided by customer.)  



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