Bigger Self Pleasure with a Titan .9 Cockring


In these days of quarantine and lockdowns (hopefully this will just be a distant memory soon) we spend a lot of time self-pleasuring. Your dick is conveniently located right at the end of your fingertips. It's so easy to just reach down, grab it and start playing.

When you really want to have a great orgasm - long shot, loads of cum and curl-your-toes-and-scream pleasure - a cockring helps bring you there.

I know a lot of guys just wear them because they look amazing. And they make your dick beefier. But they also help you have better orgasms.

The stud pictured below just blew a hefty load. It has pooled up around his navel. His dick is encased in the Titan .9 cockring. This ring looks amazing on his healthy meat. The bandwidth just feels right.

The wider Titan .9 also feels amazing. Unlike rings with a smaller bandwidth, the Titan .9 pushes your package out even further for an amazing thrust. It is just stunning to behold. However, it still behaves like any other well-fitted cock ring as it pulls your junque forward, lifts your package up and makes your prick huge. The blood that flows into your dick when you are excited is restricted from leaving again. This means you stay harder, thicker, longer and more sensitive. 

The Titan series is a favorite - it features a band of stainless steel with rolled edges for a classic low-profile look. This is why gear essentials created a new, wider .9" / 22.86 mm wide band. You're going to love how it looks and feels on your hot rod.


Bigger Self Pleasuring with a Titan .9 Cockring


The Titan .9 cockring is handcrafted out of solid stainless steel in the USA so it keeps your meat harder and bigger over the long haul. You and your partners will appreciate the greater power, firmness and pleasure.

The science is simple:  blood flows into your dick when you get excited and your penis ring restricts it from leaving so your rod stays thicker, fuller, harder, longer and the sex is so much better. And your loads are amazing!

Get bigger self-pleasure in your Titan .9 Cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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    (Photo provided by customer.)  





    I love it when I guy has no shame in taking care of himself. This stud knew exactly what he needed to do to get there. Hopefully he doesn’t waste the reward. Nothing like fresh warm cum to get you going again.



    Keep on stroking that meat. I’m sure there is more cum where that came from. Or maybe you need to submit and let a dom control your cock. If so, no more jerking off and get prepared to have your cock in chastity most of the time. You cum when I say/let you!!!
    Nice cock



    Nice looking cock and balls. He definitely drained his balls and enjoyed pleasuring himself. It’s just to bad his juices are going to waste. I’m sure someone is hungry for some sweet thick cum.



    Definitely a nice creamy load. He needs a companion to lick him clean and polish up his knob.

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