Taking it to the edge with Penis Pumping


When I moved, I got out of the habit of penis pumping. I especially enjoy pumping and edging in a nice hot bathtub (and my new house doesn't have one). The hot water makes everything nice and loose so it's easier to get a nice big pump on! I realized that I have been missing this erotic experience and decided to start pumping again.

It's really easy to do. Just slide your dick into the cylinder and start pumping the air out. Your dick will grow to fill the space. It's fun to watch your cock expand and grow in response to the vacuum created in the cylinder when you pump. Keep it pumped for a few minutes and then release the valve so you can easily remove your pump. Your prick will be slightly bigger than usual, you may discover that you are starting to ooze pre-cum and your dick will be slippery and super-sensitive. This will be exaggerated and more impressive if you are wearing a cock ring because it keeps the blood restricted into your cock so you hang on to the pump longer. Now start jacking it—the pleasure will be intense. 

I like to repeat this process. Pump up your dick and then jack until you are right at the edge of orgasm. Do it again. Each time you repeat this the sensations and sexual tension will grow and grow. 

When I do this my pre-cum just oozes and oozes. It really turns me on and enhances the experience when I take the palm of my hand and spread that pre-cum over my dick head and then use it as lube. As I stroke it gets frothy.

You may find that you go too close to the "edge" and you just know you are about to release the biggest wad of splooge in your life. It's not too late! Just pinch your dick firmly beneath your dickhead and hold it-most of the time this will stop you from cumming.

Repeat this cycle as many times as you can and when you finally do allow yourself to have an orgasm it will be incredibly intense.


Taking it to the edge with Penis Pumping


I have posted many of these FAQs before, but some of you may be curious as to how this whole thing works.


Some FAQs regarding pumping:

Just what is it?

It is the process of exerting vacuum pressure on your dick. You slide it into a penis pump and remove all the air. This causes your prick to be stretched to the walls of the cylinder. The corposa cernosa (the spongy tissue in your penis that fills with blood resulting in an erection) expands and makes your dick bigger. It also stretches your suspensory ligament which enhances its elasticity. This is what increases length.


How big can my dick get?

We have read that you can expect one to two inches of growth in length and one to three inches in girth. We have a lot of customers who are ‘pumpers’ and we watch as they reorder cock rings in increasingly larger sizes. Of course, all of this is predicated on how often you pump, if you have a large enough cylinder size and how your body is built.

I have never pumped regularly enough to see sustained growth (it's like exercise; you need to "work out" regularly to experience gains). For me, it's all about the pleasure of edging. However, I have several friends that pump and the results can be impressive.


Will my size gains be permanent?

Initially you will see growth that recedes. Repeated pumping; however, will show more permanent results. It’s like working out any muscle. If you have a regular routine, muscle growth is maintained and enhanced.  For best results consider a 30-minute pumping routine broken into two 15 minute sessions.


I’m not young anymore, are there any issues with pumping?

As we age we lose elasticity. This happens to our dick as well. This reduces the size of your hard cock. Pumping helps maintain your elasticity because it is stretching the tissue. As we age we can also suffer from impotence. The USFDA has approved pumping as a preferred treatment for impotence. Therefore pumping can be very positive for aging men—and their partners!

When you are done with your pumping session, use a high quality body lotion to moisturize and retain the elasticity.


Why should I pump?

Pleasure! Edging with a vacuum pump is amazing. My dick comes out bigger, tingling and more sensitive to every touch. When do ever find yourself in a place where you are streaming pre-cum and you haven't even touched yourself? It really enhances masturbation or sex with a partner(s).

Growth:  Want more? Pump it up!


Are there any conditions that would prevent me from penis pumping?

If you have had enlargement surgery, check with your doctor first.  S/he will give you safe pumping guidelines.  If you have a blood clotting disorder do not do this.


Check it out!  gear essentials carries several penis pumps of varying quality. For occasionally pumping an inexpensive pump should work. A word of caution however, be gentle, the gaskets tend to wear out and rip relatively quickly. Make sure you thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your gaskets to make them last longer. If you want to get into a regular pumping practice so you can reach growth goals, consider investing in a more durable penis pump.


Take it to the edge with penis pumping!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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