The 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher:


It is so awesome hearing from you. 

In fact, one of our favorite things is getting feedback from the folks who wear our gear. The excitement and enthusiasm are really infectious. One customer wrote that he is having so much fun with his new gear--he can't believe the difference it is making in his sex life. It's over-the-top HOT!

One of our goals is to provide an open forum for men and women looking for ways to improve their sex lives. All too often we have been raised in shame or embarrassment. We settle for bad information and bad sex. To make matters worse, a lot of us a reluctant to discuss our desires and fantasies with our partner. Celebrate your fetishes!

One of the amazing discoveries for me was a simple 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth) ball weight. The first time I saw it I eyed it suspiciously. This solid stainless steel donut was a chunk of metal that screwed together. It certainly didn't look like a sex enhancement--it looked like a torture device. (And torture is NOT one of my fetishes.)

I carefully put the ball stretcher on and tightened the screw. It felt clunky and I was less than graceful - it took me quite a bit of time to secure it. But then...

My dick POPPED to life! My head may have been cautious but my dick jumped right in! I love the look and I loved the feel. I discovered that I had been subconsciously tugging and twisting my balls while jacking off and during sex for a long time. I love the feeling of the tug. Now the ball weight does that for me--and not JUST during sex--ALL DAY LONG! It gives me an erotic thrill as I walk and move throughout my day. I gain a hyper-awareness of the power of my girthy cock. It may sound very Robert Bly - but it really did puts 'cocky' into my walk.

Needless to say, I can now wear a lot more weight on my balls. Like the stud pictured below, I can now easily slip a 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher on my nads.

Sex is also better - beyond the tug, twist and pull I discovered that the ball weight intensifies my orgasm. Because my ball sac cannot retract up into my body cavity prior to cumming it delays the process and makes it even more powerful. It's mind-blowing.

Rob from PE agrees. He wrote:  "I bought the 24oz. With 1.5in opening. It was a great choice for easier assembly. I love the tug of the extra weight and feel of the swing when walking around the house. I also love the way it feels during sex. The extra swing is very stimulating and really makes my orgasms intense. 

"They feel great and my boyfriend loves when my balls slam his taint when I take him doggie style. 

"It's a win win for both of us."


The 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher:  "It's a win win for both of us."



Did I mention that ball weights, when worn regularly, can also stretch out your ball sac? If you are looking for big bull balls this is your ticket.

One other feature that comes in handy is the Allen screw closure. The likelihood of these falling off is minimized by the secure Allen screw keeping the two halves together. (Although it has been known to happen when too much lube is mixed with a very hot, sweaty day!) I road-tested a magnetic ball weight that kept popping off my nads. I didn't enjoy it much when it landed on my foot (instant boner-kill).

Bottom line? Sex (solo or with a partner) is so much intensely better with a ball weight on. It’s like there is another hand in play and the orgasm is even more incredible. It’s your choice—maintain mundane sex or go for over-the-top HOT! You'll discover that ball weights are a "win win for both of us" too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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    (Photo submitted by customer. Rob is not pictured.) 





    Hey, Mark—thanks for your feedback. I find that this is such a personal decision. You really have to try it (and not just once) before you figure out if you like it or not. I love a ball stretcher and wear one nearly every day. It stretches your balls so when they are licked and fondled it feels amazing. Even just going through the day with a weight on my balls, I love the tug, twist and pull—it is highly erotic and gets me semi-chubbed.

    Glad you are enjoying the blog. There is so much pleasure to be found! ENJOY!



    This looks HOT! I’ve never tried a ring that stretches out your sac! These blogs always excites me to try new things with my cock! I want to know from the friends of gear essentials which they prefer? A ball weight that stretches your sac or a cockring with ball divider? Although I’ve never tried a ball weight. I have used a cock and ball divider. Everyone has different opinions on their rings and senses but I think the separater that divides your 2 balls feels great! Especially while being sucked your parter can squeeze your separated balls! I don’t know if the ball weights is just the same feeling but thats what makes gear essentials and their blogs so great to let customers know of their products!

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