The Alpha Cockring - is it reality or just a dream?


Is it reality or just a dream? Suddenly this man appears before me. His thick, pendulous prick jutting out from his firm, hairy body. His foreskin has started pulling back revealing the juicy pink head beneath.

My heart beat quickens, his dick ticks upwards as if willing it to invade my body.

His pole is surround, cradled and supported by his Alpha Cock Ring .


Richard from Toronto wrote:  "I’ve had this ring for most a week now in the 1-7/8 and it’s absolutely perfect for me. I use it as my main ring throughout the day while at work or out and about and it’s so comfortable sometimes I forget I’m even wearing it.

"However when I get a random erection I definitely feel the extra engorgement and I love it. I have the Omega and Imperial which I also love but the alpha is definitely my favourite for extended use especially during the winter when my flaccid and balls tend to go strange things."

I also love that I forget I have it on. Due to its solid aluminum construction it's very lightweight and comfortable. It's great under my jock when I work out or in leathers (as shown). I love the support and confidence it brings. Everything is pulled up, forward and front in a nice package.
The Alpha Cockring - is it reality or just a dream?

Like Richard I also love the pure donut shape of my heavy, stainless steel mirrored Omega penis ring and the flatter Imperial. I like the pure heft and solid presence it gives me. But one day, I was feeling constricted and weighted down. I had the urge to just strip everything off. That's when I decided it was time to give the Alpha Cock Ring a test run. I had tried it on but never worn it for any length of time. 

I am glad I did. I enjoy this dreamy wisp of a ring. The Alpha penis ring takes its design cues from big brother (and inspirational guide) the Omega. With its sexy smooth donut shape, it is supremely comfortable. The Alpha is solid, smooth and easy to wear. It's reality:  this baby supports and pumps up my equipment.

Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, your prick stays thicker, harder and longer when you're boned up in your Alpha penis ring. It features a narrower profile of just .4 inches / 10.16 mm and feels really great under your jock, swim suit, work clothes or nothing at all. Carefully balanced and crafted for easy all-day play and all-night wear, you'll be glad you have the Alpha keeping your prick thicker for extended play. 

Get ready for the dreamy reality of the Alpha cockring.

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo provided by customer. Richard is not pictured.)


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Hayes Nicholas

Hayes Nicholas

The harness is from? Gorgeous!

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