The Best Kind of Hump Day in your Titan Cockring


Hump day should really come more than once a week. And this is the best kind of hump--thicker, harder, deeper and firmer. All brought to you by the Titan cockring.

His cockring is keeping the bloodflow in his prick so his dick is fatter and rock-harder than he would be without it.

Do you want to keep your prick thicker? It's easy. Just get a Titan cock ring! For the best possible sex, you need to keep your prick pumped! Not just pumped, but pumped HARD! 


The Best Kind of Hump Day in your Titan Cockring


You can have better sex with a penis ring. You'll be amazed by how hard, thick and long a cock ring keeps your rod! It's basic science. His Titan penis ring is keeping his spit-lubed prick thicker, harder and it is giving him plenty of attitude! His Titan is solidly in his corner and he will perform his best. Like the stud pictured here, your dick is like a heat-seeking missile. He is rigidly thick and giving one steamy-hot fuck.

Don't you pity the guys who don't have a cockring on their side?

The Titan is a surprisingly comfortable basic penis ring due to its gently rounded edges. This means it's great for wearing to the gym, work or going out on the town. You can see it provides good solid support with the minimum of fuss. It features a classically flat design crafted from solid stainless steel in the USA. It's also great for stacking--wear multiple rings to create the bandwidth for the look and feel you want.

Enjoy the best kind of hump day with your Titan cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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