The Best Tool at the Pool in his Bolt Cockring and Titan Glans Ring


Studly Danny is straddling the pool's spa wearing nothing but his stainless steel Bolt cockring and Titan .4 glans ring  from gear essentials. Both are classically good-looking rings for a sexy tool.

You can see how the Bolt cockring thickens Danny's dick while pulling it up, front and forward. It will also pull your balls up so your package stays more prominently positioned. You'll love this slimmer, solid stainless steel penis ring. It will keep your tool supported and strong for the hardest hammering.

Daniel from Alaska wrote:  "This ring is actually very smooth and the outside is designed like a nut, making it very easy to hold and manipulate when taking on and off. It has no weld points or anything, like cheap knockoffs.The weight is a good slightly heavy feeling. It may take a little bit to get used to, but it's great for long term wear! It also came in a nice collector-style box. Very good quality overall!

Strong, simple, down-to-earth and effective, the Bolt cock ring provides no-muss-no-fuss support for your cock.

Blood flows in and the Bolt penis ring restricts it from rushing out again. It's basic science:  you stay at your fullest, thickest, hardest and most sensitive best. Whether it's wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am or slow 'n easy, the loving is so much better.

Even when you aren't primed and ready for a hot fuck, the Bolt cockring keeps your member thicker and fuller so your package looks thick, hot and inviting.

Available in an easy to wear .4 inch (10 mm) bandwidth, this solid stainless steel cock ring (made in Minnesota, USA) weighs in at a comfortable 3 ounces (88 grams). Get ready for your best screw!


The Best Tool at the Pool in his Bolt Cockring and Titan Glans Ring


Danny is also wearing the solid stainless steel Titan .4 head ring. The beauty of this ring is that it helps extend your flaccid cock to its fullest potential--so you can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. I also enjoy the sensation of this heavier head ring when I walk and move throughout my day. Many men have referred to the sensation as the "mini hand job" in your pants!  

"Thikshooter" from New Haven wrote:  "The ring was a great, snug fit, as promised, and did not need to be removed when fully hard. Feels great just wearing it as a daily habit and makes the glans especially sensitive to being sucked. Only take mine off to shower.

You'll feel great and will also be amazed by the attention your dick gets when it's crowned with a head ring. We've experienced lots of questions and probing touches - everyone wants to know (and see and taste) more! Want a few more reasons for wearing a head ring?

Why Wear a Glans Ring?
  • Added weight pulls your dick down for your best flaccid look.
  • Strokes, teases and caresses as you move for that 'mini hand-job in your pants' sensation!
  • Sex lasts longer (and it's GREAT for edging) because the head ring masks the nerve endings beneath your corona.
  • Increases your sensitivity
  • A glans ring pumps up your dickhead (even more if you have a cockring on too)
  • It looks sexy-hot.

You can see how the Titan glans ring thickens the head of Danny's pecker - and it gets even more pronounced when he gets a hard on. Just like a cockring, a head ring restricts blood flow so his dickhead gets huge which heightens sensitivity.

Get the right tools to wear at the pool!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Simeon Den. Daniel and "Thikshooter"are not pictured.)



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