The Joy of Prostate Massage & the Male Multiple Orgasm


I am going through a definite prostate phase. That gland is always hanging out inside my ass but I forget about it. Life goes on, work gets busy and I forget to take the moments to seek out and expand pleasure.

The prostate (aka P-Spot, male G-spot, etc.) is a lovely knob inside the rectum at the base of the penis. Most of us don't think about it but the prostate gland is a male reproductive organ. Its main purpose is to secrete prostate fluid which is a component of jizz. The good part is that the prostate has muscles and these help propel your cum into your urethra when you ejaculate. Stroke it and the amount of cum and your shooting distance grows!

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that, when stroked, the prostate sends messages to your brain telling you that you are cumming. This is how to unlock the male multiple orgasm. Good fun!

I chuckle how the graphic below labels it as the "doorbell." Truer words. Press that button and you don't know what surprises await.


The Joy of Prostate Massage & Male Multiple Orgasms - Hitting the SPOT!


I've always been an "ANTI-size" queen when it comes to prostate toys. A lubed up finger works pretty well. Here's an example (with a helping hand - very convenient if you've got it.)


The Joy of Prostate Massage - A finger will do


You are going to ooze!

There is debate regarding wearing gloves or not (unless you are fingering your own hole; then skip the gloves, they just get in the way unless you have open sores, hang nails or broken finger nails). I have found that the latex is a barrier. If you really want to be in touch and feel your partner's reactions, skip the gloves.

But if you want to ramp it up even more, check out Oxballs Finger Fuck glove. Each finger has a different texture so you can drive your partner wild. Get ready for the full-body male multiple orgasm!


The Joy of Prostate Massage- Finger Fucked


If I want two hands to focus on other areas, I do enjoy small toys. The toy pictured below is an older prostate massager. You can lean in like the man pictured below or, if you have a hand to spare, play with it and stroke your P-spot.


The Joy of Prostate Massage & the Male Multiple Orgasm


We have the updated version of the prostate massager in black. This is an excellent toy for a first-timer. The shape makes it really easy to hit your target and it isn't so big that it freaks out your tight, puckering hole.

Just slather some lube on your asshole and the massager and then gently insert it into your rectum. As you do it, breathe deeply, relax and gently push out with your muscles. Once inside, just rest into it and let the shape of the massager conform to the inside of your body. The internal portion targets the sensitive prostate while the external arms simultaneously stimulate the perineum (aka taint). Tighten your sphincter muscles to allow the internal portion to press against your prostate. Prepare for waves of intense pleasure to wash over you. Relax your sphincter, and then tighten again to manipulate the outer arms to rub your perineum.

I can get lost for hours doing this.


The Joy of a Prostate Massager = the Male Multiple Orgasm


Massaging your P-spot (whether by a finger, toy or more) gives you the impact of the male multiple orgasm. Prostate massage sends messages to your brain that you are experiencing orgasm so your whole body trembles with the flow of erogenous pleasure rolling from your core to the tip of your head and your toes. It is really an amazing experience.

The stud pictured below has things well in hand. He's upped his game with a slightly larger toy. Look at how the cum just oozes from his piss-slit...


The Joy of Prostate Massage & Male Multiple Orgasms - Keep it Cumming!


I have been fantasizing about having a prostate toy connected to my cockring so I would feel it all day long. So recently I figured what the hell and tried Oxballs' Ass-X Ass-Lock. Shit. That baby did not go in easily.

The Joy of Prostate Massage - the Ass-X Ass Lock


It is larger than it appears. The bulb that goes up your ass is 4.5" / 11.43 cm in diameter. I've never had anything that large up my ass. Thank God it's constructed from SKINFLEX-TPR. It's super-stretchy, rubbery, strong and amazingly comfortable.

But I get ahead of myself...


The Joy of Prostate Massage - the Ass-X Ass Lock


I did not think I could do get the Ass-X in; however, I stood in a hot shower, crouched down, soaped up my hole as well as the Ass-X and pressed it against my asshole. It was rejected time after time. However, I just relaxed, pushed my rectum out (as though going to the bathroom) and pushed the Ass-X in. It was an amazing sensation as the Ass-X filled me up. I could really feel the pressure - in a good way. 

Once I got the bulb up my ass, I put the cockring / ball stretcher combination around my junque. I enjoyed the sensation but made a mental note to put a tighter cock ring on first next time so I could get more pump to my cock. 

I kept the Ass-X in for several hours as I went to the gym to work out and ran errands. For not being used to the sensation, I was impressed with myself for being able to keep it in (and though I as afraid it might pop out during squats, that did NOT happen!) I will admit there were times when I thought I had to take it out but I persevered and enjoyed.

I loved the experience; however, my only slight complaints are that I wish I felt more movement against the prostate as I worked out and moved around. I also felt like the butt plug pulled my cock and balls back. This is not my favorite position but in loose gym shorts it was not a huge drawback. 

With a bit more practice I might be ready for the next step?


The Joy of Prostate Massage - Buttballs

Or not! Our friend Danny tried this baby on. It's the Buttballs Cockring, Cock Sling & Ass Lock (also by the creative guys at Oxballs). It is also made of TPR so it has plenty of give. The Buttballs also features anal balls (hence the name). I have played with much smaller balls and have to admit that they drove me horny-hot crazy! (If you try them, pull them out of your ass in mid-orgasm. It will blow you away.)

The Buttballs Cockring, Cock Sling & Ass Lock is much longer than the Ass-X at 8.5" / 21.59 cm. You are going to feel this well beyond your prostate. 

As you can tell, I have not tested this product yet. I'll let you know...


The Joy of Prostate Massage - Buttballs keeping Danny HARD!


You can see that the attached cockring and ball stretcher really pump up Danny's prick too.

If you've never tried prostate stimulation, you really owe it to yourself to experience it. Gear essentials ships via USPS in discrete Priority Mail boxes so no one needs to know. Start small and get a feel for how tremendous the feeling is. You may discover that you want even more (like me). Take it a step at a time. Enjoy what feels good to you.

Sadly societal norms can really get in the way. Our friend Dick from Dick and Jane wrote about his discovery of the joy of prostate stimulation. This is now a regular part of their love-making.

In the past peggers (aka strap-ons) were solidly "owned by lesbians." However, straight men started realizing that they liked the sensation and their partner's started strapping them on.


The Joy of Prostate Massage & the Male Multiple Orgasm


The stud pictured above is experience a special closeness to his partner as she gets to experience inserting her peg into his ass. This gives men a whole new appreciation for what is appropriate technique for fucking as well as what feels good.

Not to be outdone, men are now enhancing what Mother Nature gave 'em with cocksheaths. This is good for increasing size for greater satisfaction (butt sex or vaginal sex).


The Joy of Prostate Massage - Go BIG!


Pictured above is Oxballs' Miguel Uncut Sheath. This will really help you extend your reach and girth to hit all those previously unexplored places!

Whatever toy (or body part) you choose to use, just relax and do what feels good. Don't push it. Find that happy knob (the "doorbell") and stroke it, baby! You will discover the stupendous sensations of the male multiple orgasm. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 




(Photos supplied by manufacturers or customers with the exception of Danny in the Buttballs by Simeon Den.)



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