The magnetic pull of the Half Screw Cockring and Quarter Screw Glans Ring


The cockring and glans ring on Seth Fisher's dick is acting like a magnet pulling Addison Graham closer for a better view...and taste?

There is nothing like the glint of a metal ring on your dick (not to mention what they do for your package) to draw the eye and touch. Seth's meaty prick thickens with the lightweight comfort of his Half Screw cock ring and Quarter Screw glans ring. Like any well-fitted cockring, they keep his rod meatier, harder and always just on the edge of action! 

Larry from North Carolina wrote:  "Another great product ! ! I love the light weight feeling of this ring. It looks great and is a nice addition to my gear collection ! ! !"

Even when you aren’t hard, the Half Screw cockring keeps you thicker and fuller than normal. The blood that flows into your dick when you are excited is restricted from leaving. This means you stay harder. Your cock ring also pushes your cock and balls forward, up and away from your body so they are better supported and more pronounced.

The Half Screw is slightly over ½ inch wide. (Want something narrower? Check out the Quarter Screw. Ready to super-size it? Grab the Full Screw C ring at nearly an inch wide.) These rings are made of premium light-weight aluminum so if you are like me, you might just forget you even have it on. (It only weighs 1.6 ounces.) I find these amazingly comfortable even under tight clothes. Best yet, this ring is designed with gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.


The magnetic pull of the Half Screw Cockring and Quarter Screw Glans Ring


Quarter Screw Glans Ring

The Quarter Screw glans ring coordinates with the Half Screw penis ring that Seth is wearing. Also constructed from the same solid light-weight aluminum, this head ring is extremely comfortable. Lightweight so it doesn't feel like it is dragging your dick down, it features gear essentials' squared interior fit to resist slipping over your corona when you're flaccid. It fits beautifully beneath the cap of your cock. 

Even when flaccid the head of your dick will be bigger than usual (this is especially true when it's paired with a penis ring. It gets even bigger when you are hard. Your dick is already chubbed up from your cock ring) but the glans ring makes your dick head even bigger than normal!  It is totally hot. 

Why Wear a Glans Ring?
  • Added weight pulls your dick down for your best flaccid look.
  • Strokes, teases and caresses as you move for that 'mini hand-job in your pants' sensation!
  • Sex lasts longer (and it's GREAT for edging) because the head ring masks the nerve endings beneath your corona.
  • Increases your sensitivity
  • A glans ring pumps up your dickhead (even more if you have a cock ring on as well)
  • It looks sexy-hot.

Are you ready to experience the magnetic pull of the Half Screw cockring and Quarter Screw glans ring? See how it feels to be the center of attention.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Simeon Den. Larry is not pictured.)



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