The Omega cockring


Want to keep your dick harder? Want to make jacking off and sex significantly better?

It's easy. Just get the Omega cock ring.

You get your best jack, blow or fuck with a cock ring around the base of your dick. When the blood flows into your penis you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and ready to go the long haul. Go ahead and skip the cockring if you want but you'll miss out on superior size, heft and performance.

You'll also appreciate a penis ring when you are flaccid. You'll stay fuller, heavier and show off your potential. Life (and sex) is significantly better in a C ring.

Seriously, there's no question that a penis ring makes sex better. As your boner ticks up and thickens you'll discover that you have become more sensitive to every stroke, lick, nibble, movement and thrust. Just walking down the street becomes foreplay. Are you ready to discover what better sex really feels like?

Jonathan from Georgia wrote:  "This ring is amazing. I have owned it for two months now and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been one the best purchases I have made. The weight is lovely and the rounded surfaces is the ring is comfortable at all times. It rarely comes off and the only times it has recently is when it slipped off due to the rigorous work I was involved in at the time. I purchased the bright mirror and to this day it still shines beautifully.

"Moreover, the weight is amazing. It makes solo and non solo activities significantly better. As time goes on, you don't forget that it is there, but it becomes more apart of you and you will definitely know when you are not wearing it.

"Finally, my wife loves how it looks and feels."


The Omega cockring "makes solo & non-solo activities significantly better"


Bone it up and stay boned in the Omega cock ringIt is one of gear esssentials' heaviest and when wrapped around the base of your dick, all you will notice is the supreme comfort, power and how it makes solo and non-solo sexual activities significantly better. Completely round, there are no sharp edges to impede your comfort or performance.

DIscover how the Omega cockring will make your solo and non-solo sexual activities significantly better. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Jonathan is not pictured. 



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