The Omega:


I was lucky enough to spend a day with Spencer Whitman. He is even sexier in person and it was a pleasure to hang out with him.

When the clothes peeled off the first thing I noticed was his pendulous prick. The man is hung. I immediately knew that his monster meat had to be complimented by a ring that is a match for his power - as well as an enhancement to his sheer size. I'm a huge believer in proportion and balance and the Omega cockring hits it just right.

The Omega is gear essentials' heaviest penis ring (11 ounces / 312 grams) and you can see it on his proud, thick prick in the pics below.

Why does Spencer even need a cockring? 

His cock ring keeps the blood pumped in his dick. This means his cock gets even bigger, harder, longer and ready for action. In addition, he is feeling more sensitive--even when flaccid. You'll love the confidence of feeling your chubbed up meat swinging between your legs, in the palm of your hand or better yet, in someone else's.

Jonathan Ruiz from Marrietta, GA wrote:  "This ring is amazing. I have owned it for two months now and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been one the best purchases I have made. The weight is lovely and the rounded surfaces is the ring is comfortable at all times. It rarely comes off...

"Finally, my wife loves how it looks and feels."


The Omega:  "the Rolls Royce of cockrings!"

Bunks from New York adds:  "Like another reviewer stated...this is the Rolls Royce of cockrings! Beautifully finished - satin brushed and super hefty. I ordered one size down (reluctantly) and highly recommend you do the same. Sits well - took a bit to get used to having that much in my jeans. Five huge stars. Oh, arrived in a very cool gift tin - nice touch GE."

Spencer is also wearing the solid stainless steel Titan .4 head ring. Spencer enjoyed the sensations of having this heavier head ring tease and rub the sensitive skin beneath his dick-head as he moved through his day. Many men have referred to the sensation as the "mini hand job" in your pants. An added benefit is that his foreskin slides over it when flaccid. And when flaccid, the glans ring's weight extends his cock to its fullest potential--so he can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. 


The Omega:  "the Rolls Royce of cockrings!"


Mc69nkd from Salt Lake City wrote:  "Absolutely love my Titan glans ring. Been wearing it for the last 48 hours straight with no problems. Feels so good on and looks spectacular.

"When I get hard, it really show off the head of my cock and pumps it up extra big. Wow is all that I can say. Love the feel of it and gives my cock that little bit of something extra to show it off when in a flaccid state. You really need to get one and try it!"

Mc69nkd is right:  "Feels so good on and looks spectacular."  In fact, you will be amazed by the attention your dick gets when your glans ring is weighing it down. Everyone wants to know, see and taste more when you slip your head ring on. 

You can see how the Titan .4 glans ring thickens the head of Spencer's prick - and it gets even more pronounced when he gets boned. Just like a cockring, a head ring restricts blood flow so his dickhead gets huge which heightens sensitivity and pleasure.

Are you ready for "the Rolls Royce of cockrings?"

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Jay Williams. Jonathan, Bunks and "Mc69nkd" are not pictured.)





Nice veins on his cock and love the fur on this guy. How would you like to suck on that monster? The warm and juicy treat he would produce would be heavenly. Good to the last drop!



Very nice package. Love the fact he is double ringed. And then all that body hair……

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