The feeling of a ball weight hanging from your ball sac is like no other. It brings intense pleasure.

It may look like it's just a cylindrical hunk of metal hanging off your ball sac but it's really a tool for increasing the intensity of orgasms and maximizing the sensitivity of your balls with increased pleasure. It feels awesome. Not just during sex (although that's when I really notice it!) It feels amazing as it tugs and twists my balls as I move throughout my day. 

A long-time customer listed all the products he loves including his ball stretcher: "I also have the 1 lb ball weight. I LOVE this. I have "firm" balls so getting this on was a challenge at first, not pinching my shit. I wear this for many reasons, but I will tell you, the orgasm you get with this weight on is awesome. I really like the feel of it slapping against me and my partner."

The orgasms are amazing!


"The Orgasm you get with this weight on is awesome!"


All of gear essentials' ball weights are crafted of quality solid stainless steel in the US. (This helps prevent skin irritations, pitting and flaking--it's solid so there is no chrome plating to peel off.) The two halves are secured by an Allen screw to prevent it from popping off as you go about your day or during heavy play (that can be a bummer--I had this happen with a magnetic ball stretcher I was testing!) While initially they can be tricky to put on, with practice (and as your balls relax) it becomes second nature. Now I can put mine on in a couple of seconds.

The sensations are wonderful. Experience orgasms like you never have before! Discover the pleasures of a ball weight!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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