The Power of a Shaft Ring for a Pumped-Up Prick!


When you want an even bigger and pumped up shaft, wear a shaft ring. I had never played with shaft rings until customers starting telling me about it.

The pumped stripper below is revealing a secret that a lot of strippers share--the way to a monster-sized package is a cockring, shaft ring or both! It's all about the fantasy--and a shaft ring helps show off your potential.

Many men wear a cock ring near the base of their shaft but above the balls (as opposed to a traditional cock ring which is worn below the balls and snug up against the pubes). When worn here it is known as a shaft ring.    

Shaft rings can be tough to wear because they have to be snug to stay on when flaccid (so it doesn't slide off). Unlike a cock ring, which is kept on by your balls, or a glans ring which hangs out above the corona (when flaccid) nothing but pressure keeps the shaft ring in place. (This is one of the reasons I like the Hold Cock & Ball Cage--the shaft ring is built in and it's not going anywhere.)   

A shaft ring really does pump up your prick-and if you're wearing a cock ring, you'll get even more pump. If you want to wear it just for sex, slide it on with lube after you start to get hard. It's intense. Like a traditional cockring it restricts the blood flow in your dick causing it to get fuller and thicker.  


The Power of a Shaft Ring for a Pumped-Up Prick!


As you can see from the picture above, a shaft ring does increase the rigidity of your prick. And when your cock is thick and hard, everyone wins.

Check out the Titan shaft ring or perhaps a larger glans ring will work for you? Don't worry about the label--find the right measurement for your shaft and get the ring that fits-and expands your sexual pleasure!

Enjoy the pump and discover the power for yourself!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Shaft Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer.)



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