It's time to get outside and feel the sun shine on our bare skin and the gentle breezes caress every square inch. This hiker is prepared for anything! His meat is pulled forward, up and out by the light-weight aeronautical aluminum Surge. It's so light and comfortable you might forget you have it on as you commune with nature.

Tony from Madison, Wisconsin wrote:  "The Surge is by far the most comfortable ring I have worn. The design seems to give me the thickest, strongest tool I am capable of achieving. And the more she nibbles and sucks, the more my balls swell and raise "front ad center." That is usually where the problem begins.

"In the past other rings have pinched my balls when I have wanted to aggressively bang away on her box the way she likes. The Surge makes me feel confident and in control. I can grind those swollen rocks into her and it does not cause any discomfort. Thanks Gear Essentials. I bring a jack hammer into my wife and it feels great!"

There's so much here to love in a sexual tool for your tool:  comfort, thickness, strength, aggressive banging and control! Do you think you can handle it?


"The Surge makes me feel confident and in control"


The Surge is designed in such a way that it makes it look like your dick is exploding out of it! (And a matching glans ring is also available—paired it's an amazingly hot look.) This Surge has a nice width at .6 inches / 15 mm.

The Surge cockring is a light-weight solid aluminum ring that has an exaggerated interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. It is so comfortable that you forget you even have it on. Yet it still keeps the blood flow in your prick so you stay thicker and harder for the long haul. Even when you aren’t hard and horned you will still maintain a nice (and noticeable) chubby. It makes for a very good looking dick! 

You'll feel confident and in control too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Tony is not pictured.)



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