Heat, sun and water are an intoxicating mixture. Add a cock ring and you've got one sexy-hot afternoon. Your prick is pumped, primed and pointing towards action. It's all you can do to keep your hands (and everyone else's) off your thickening rod.

Joaquin is happy and chubbed in his Titan cock rings. His dick is so long he has stacked a couple of them. His Titan penis rings have chubbed up his dick. This means his cockrings are doing what they are supposed to do:  keep the blood flow in his dick so he looks his best. This is especially important when you are enjoying life in the nude. (You know we are all checking each other out to compare 'manhood' when we're naked, don't you?)

The "turn on" of the "secret chub" of the Titan Cockring


Joaquin is wearing two Titan .4 cock rings and a Titan .2 for a total bandwidth of 1" (2.54 cm). That's a lot of metal. That's a lot of pleasure.

"Secret Chub" from Boston wrote:  "Awesome cock ring. I love its edge -- it's not curved, so it holds against me nicely and doesn't slide down my dick as I walk around all day. I wear it under my slacks, and it's such a turn on to know I've got this secret chub.

"I was in two really important meetings this morning, and the entire time I could feel the ring against my legs, a little firmness in my briefs, and this gentle tug on the back on my nuts, and god I could NOT concentrate---AWESOME."

Concentration is tough when all the blood flows into your dick! 


The "turn on" of the "secret chub" of the Titan Cockring


The picture shows a clearer shot of Joaquin's gear. He is also wearing two glans rings under the corona of his dick--the Titan .4 and Titan .2. This gives an amazing sensation to the many nerve-endings around the base of your dickhead. It also weighs down your dick for your best (and longest) flaccid look when you are by the pool naked.

The Titan cockrings feature a low profile with gently rounded edges; these fit well beneath a tight jock, jeans, swim suit or nothing at all. The Titan penis ring will keep your prick pumped, pulled up and forward and hold your balls away from your body (always nice in the heat of summer - and in the heat of the moment).

These solid stainless steel works of art are handcrafted from solid stainless steel In the USA so they’ll keep your boner hard for years to come! The science is simple. Blood flows into your dick when you get excitement. Your penis ring restricts it from leaving so you stay thicker, fuller, harder, longer and sex is hugely better!

You'll find that this is true when you are just moving through your work day - but it becomes even more apparent when you're ready to put the moves on. Blood floods into your prick and you become rock hard and sensitive to every brush of your lover's lips, touch and tongue. You won't want to have sex - or take a dip in the pool - without it.

The Titan is elegant and simple. It will likely become a solid go-to ring in your collection. And you will discover the "turn on" of the "secret chub" of the Titan cockring for yourself!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photos by David Lee. "Secret Chub" is not pictured.)



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