Tips for Fisting and DP Pleasure with the Thug Sheath



Double penetration.


We're hearing more about this (from both women and men) as the trend grows. Or perhaps it's just that people are getting comfortable talking about it. Regardless, it is still considered culturally taboo.

I have not been on the receiving end of fisting; however, I have fisted and it is intense.

Let's get some definitions out of the way.


Fisting involves the insertion of an entire hand into a body orifice. For a woman that means a hand in her vagina or ass. For a man, it means a hand up the ass. The term 'fisting' implies that someone holds their hand in a fist position and punches. For beginners this is far from the truth. It starts with a very well-lubed finger or two and progresses to the entire hand which is generally held in a bird-like position (to see what it looks like hold your hand so all of your fingers and thumb come together and touch at the tips).


Double penetration (DP) refers to having two dicks inside you at once. For a woman that means one dick in the ass and one dick in the more traditional position. For a man it means having two dicks up the ass (this can apply to women as well).

Of course there are tools to help you explore and enjoy! One is Oxballs' Thug Double Fucker Sheath shown here.


Thug Double Fucker Sheath


Pictured above is Oxballs' Thug Double Fucker Sheath. It basically lays on top of the dick so you still get the pleasurable sensation of a tight fuck while it gives your partner the pleasure of more fullness. A 1.5" cockring goes around your package. This does a couple of things:  it keeps your prick thicker so you both get more pleasure and it keeps the Thug Double Fucker in place. 

To effectively fist or DP you will need to start with an insane amount of lube. Get the hole really juicy and wet and start with one finger. Work it and spread the hole. Slip in a second and third finger. Point your fingers together and you will soon have four fingers up to your palm inside. Ask the fistee to relax and push out. This opens up their hole more. Add lube. Communicate and ask questions. How does it feel? Are they ready for more? When they are, slip your entire hand in. 

Some people will stop you with just the hand. If you are fisting anally, some can take far more. The rectal cavity is actually quite big. But don't worry, your rectum (and vagina) is a muscle and it snaps back into shape.


Tips for Fisting and DP Pleasure with the Thug Sheath

One guy said that fisting just feels like having an extremely big dick up his ass. At first he didn't think it would fit but once he had a fist in his rectum he felt like the luckiest person in the world!

One woman reported that her fist fisting experience was by herself. Instead of masturbating with a finger or two, she used all of her fingers. She had the best orgasm of her life that day.

However, she added that you can't really have the best fisting experience all by yourself. She enjoys an entire arm inside her vagina because it is more pleasurable. 

Another woman reported that once they got it right it felt amazing. "It's very, very intense with my entire vagina feeling stretched and filled with pressure."

Both men and women report that there is an insane level of intimacy with it. One man described it as literally holding his partner's heartbeat in his hand.


Tips for Fisting and DP Pleasure with the Thug Sheath


Double penetration can also bring intense pleasure; however, your relationship has to be secure enough to allow a second dick in - and the man attached to it. For traditional couples (gay or straight) this can be a tough issue to work through. 

One women commented:  "I absolutely love double penetration. I wanted to try it for a long time after seeing it in porn but I had to wait until I found guys who were comfortable with having their cocks so close together."

Another added:  "It wasn't easy. We tried multiple positions, many of which involved two straight men touching each other and they were uncomfortable. In the end, it was a big turn-off." (However, she kept trying and has found comfortable partners who have made it work.)

The Real Thing - Two Hot Dicks Double Penetrating


It is worth the effort to find the right partners. Alexia wrote:  "I love both vaginal and anal penetration and combining them both with DP is an unbelievable experience. The feeling of having both my holes stretched, of the two cocks rubbing together inside me, the feeling of being total opened up, totally filled up, totally dominated and vulnerable drives me wild."


Tips for Fisting and DP Pleasure with the Thug Sheath


Here are some DP tips:

  1. Know who you are dealing with. DP can hurt if it is not done right. You need partners who care about you. (You can also use a dildo as partner #2; however, nothing compares to a real throbbing hot dick in your hole.)
  2. They need to know what they are doing. It can be a challenge finding the right position where both men can thrust. If she's in cowgirl position on top of the guy in her vagina and the guy behind her is in her anus, the one behind usually does the most thrusting. On the other hand, if she's in reverse cowgirl position with the guy under her in her anus and the guy on top is in her vagina, the guy in her vagina does most of the thrusting. Regardless, both men can't thrust at the same time. They need to be in sync.
  3. The one getting DPed is in charge. 
  4. Take the time to clean your rectum.


Starting with four fingers...


Fisting, anally or vaginally, also tends to put the Fistee in charge. They will tell you what feels good.


And now the entire hand...


Here are some tips for fisting:

  1. Clean out your rectum. Watching what you eat and using a good enema beforehand does wonders.
  2. Fister - skip the jewelry and trim your fingernails. Those bitches hurt.
  3. Wear gloves for a safer experience. If you are a woman fisting your partner and enjoy long fingernails, gloves are a must. You can also wrap your fingers in gauze and stuff cotton balls in the glove finger tips to blunt the impact of your nails. (However, it may feel clunky to you.)
  4. Have plenty of lube on hand (and on your hands...). You will need a lot. Don't skimp. Reapply frequently. I also have a large rubber mat in my playroom. This, along with a layer of towels soaks up the mess and makes clean up easier. 
  5. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Take your time. 
  6. The Fistee is in charge. Communicate, ask questions. Many think fisting is a violent act but it is not. Built up slowly. The intensity will be wild. This is unbelievable intimate and vulnerable.

Interested in being DPed? The Thug Sheath is a great toy to explore with your partner. If you are woman with two holes to fill, there are plenty of toys that will help you get a taste of this amazingly intimate experience.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




    (Photo 1, 2, 3 & 5 from Oxballs. Photo 4, 6, & 7 submitted by customers.)



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