Titan .2 Cockring:


Are you looking for the all-day chub? The best way to keep your prick thicker & harder is to wear a cockring (unless you can spend the day romping nude with your favorite porn star - wait! ESPECIALLY if you spend all day romping with a porn star!)

The science of a penis ring is pretty simple:  when you get turned on blood flows into your dick. Your cock ring keeps all of it from flowing back out again. Obviously, not all of it will stay in nor will you walk around with a 24-hour hard-on (that could get painful!) However, your dick will be much thicker and fuller than it is during your normal flaccid state. I also find that a cock ring (along with glans ring and ball weights) makes me more aware of my prick and that creates its own excitement - which then keeps me chubbier.

I wear a Nitrile cock ring 24-hours a day. It has enough flexibility that it can expand for nocturnal erections (so no middle-of-the-night boner ache). It also makes it easier to put on a rigid cock ring (aluminum or stainless steel--depending on my mood that day) because everything is already cinched up nicely. For my heavier rings (Fury and Omega) it helps keep them from slipping down my shaft when my dick is soft. 

If you are looking for a less bulky ring for every day wear and mobility the Titan .2 penis ring, pictured below, is a great choice. It has a low profile so it isn’t bulky. The edges are nicely rounded so it is extremely comfortable under tight clothes (no pinching or biting of tender flesh.) It's also great for using with your harness. I also use a pair of Titan .2 cockrings when I want to stack rings up for a thicker profile. (This I do when I’m going commando so I can really enjoy the chub and schwing.)

SFPopperbator from San Francisco wrote:  "Ordered the 2” got concerned it would be too big and then had an email, spend $50 get this ring free so I bought a jock and got the 13/4”. Both are so worth it. I’ve tried the snap bands, stretch rings etc and the pinching kills me I can never be comfortable for long. The 2” is great for long sessions the 13/4” gets a bit too tight after an hour or so but perfect for short sessions and can be used on just the balls while the bigger one goes around everything. Very happy with my purchase"

Doogie from Central New York wrote:  "I received this cock ring earlier this week, put it on that evening and have not taken it off since.... The ring is incredibly comfortable, well crafted, no pinching problems, and is definitely going to be the ring of choice for a long time to come, I suspect. Oh, and it does it's intended job right well.... My partner likes it's results too."

You're going to like the results as well!


Titan .2 Cockring:  "it does its intended job right well.... "


Looking for a few more reasons why you should wear a cock ring

  • Keeps the blood in your prick so you are thicker, become more engorged, get harder faster and can really go the distance.
  • Pumps up your package. Hey, we find it pays to advertise; your package in suit, leathers or Levis looks HUGE!
  • A C ring makes your dick more sensitive to every touch, lick, caress and thrust. Ramp up your erogenous pleasure and discover better sex.
  • Pulls your balls up and away from your body. Not only are they easier to grab (and lick...and fondle...) but if you have a lot of ball sack you'll appreciate the lift. I wear a cock ring all the time, but in the summer I wear a wider bandwidth to keep my balls from flopping around and slapping against my thighs. Frankly, it keeps me cooler.
  • They look damn hot - and your chubbed up meat looks even hotter!

Discover how the Titan .2 Cockring can help you do the intended job right well too. The results will be spectacular!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



WHERE TO FIND IT:  The Titan .2 C Ring:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan-2-cock-ring   


    (Photo submitted by customer. SFPopperbator, and Doogie are not pictured.)



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