Titan .6 Cockring:


As the temperature rises here in Southern California, the pool is a godsend. I dive in at the beginning of the day and I often relax again with a cool beverage as the day winds down. 

While it may cool my body temperature down, water, sun and naked bodies make the heat in my dick rise. You never know what's going to happen in the pool

This stud is keeping his meaty manmeat thicker with his Titan .6 cockring. He is proud (rightfully) and letting it all hang out. Like all of gear essentials' other cockrings, it will keep your prick thicker--and when the blood starts pumping you'll be even harder, longer and thicker!

Jerry upsized to a Titan .6 cockring; he wrote:  "I started with the Titan .4 which I thought was a good size and the brushed finish which is just gorgeous. So I decided after a couple of weeks of daily wear that I really wanted to upgrade to the Titan .6 in the same gorgeous brushed finished.

"I received the Titan .6 and thinking what the heck. How is this thing going to fit, remembering that I had almost the same thought when I saw the Titan .4. The Titan .6 will fit very well thank-you. Having both the .4 and the .6 gives me lots of options. Both are very comfortable and you can wear them for hours because of the rounded edges.

"Not for the faint of heart... I did try on both rings and stacked them to a full inch and let me tell ya my equipment was the biggest I've ever seen and the orgasum was amazing. It will almost take your breath away. I might even want to get a Titan .2, just so I have the entire collection. Your gonna love this cock ring!"

"my equipment was the biggest I've ever seen & the orgasm was amazing"



He's looking chubbed and juicy. Check out how thick and hard his prick looks in the Titan .6 penis ring. A cock ring restricts blood inside your dick so you stay thicker, harder and longer. It keeps your package looking intensely impressive. During sex you'll hit places you've never reached before. 

The Titan .6 is a comfortable bandwidth at .6 inches / 15 mm. Squared with slightly rounded edges for comfort, this ring is light and easy. Like all of our penis rings it pushes your cock and balls up and forward. It gives great support.

The hand-crafted solid stainless steel Titan .6 is available in four cock ring sizes (from 1 ¾” to 2 1/8”) as well as glans ring sizes in either lustrous mirror or tactile brushed finish. (The Titans are also available in .2 inch / 5 mm, .4 inch / 10 mm and .9 inch / 23 mm bandwidths.) The Titan .6 is also available in glans ring sizes from 7/8" to 1 5/16".

Get ready to watch (and feel) your equipment get its biggest and have amazing orgasms in the Titan cockring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan



(Photo submitted by customer. Jerry is not pictured.)



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