Titan .9 Glans Ring:


This past weekend we got an e-mail from a customer who had recently ordered a Titan .9 glans ring. He loves it and wants MORE! We've toyed with the idea of making an even wider glans ring. I have to admit that I really enjoy the weight and bulk of the Titan .9 head ring too. As I've been wearing it more, I've learned that this bulky glans ring comes with its own considerations.

For example, while taking a naked dip in the pool a few weeks ago I discovered that my regular glans ring size is just too big when I jump into a cool pool. I felt my Titan .9 slide over my corona (not a bad sensation I might add), looked down and watched it drop to the bottom of the pool. I dove deep to retrieve it (reminding me of the 'fetch' games we used to play in the pool as kids!)

My lesson? This ring is gear essentials' heaviest; to keep it securely on I have had to drop a size. It is more challenging to put on but when I'm swimming, it's right where I want it to be--and doing what I want it to do!

And when I'm hard, the head of my dick is even bigger! (I did not think that was possible.) While a cock ring pumps up your prick, when you add a glans ring to the mix the head of your dick looks ready to explode! It gets HUGE (especially when I'm wearing one size smaller.) We're not alone in loving our glans rings. A while back Jason sent us an e-mail about his glans rings and told us, "I am enjoying them..." 

Below Josh and Addison are showing off the Titan cockrings and a Titan .6 glans ring. (I can wear the Titan .6 in my normal size.) All of the Titans (cock rings and glans rings) are crafted from solid stainless steel so they weigh down the head of your dick for a longer flaccid look. Like gear essentials' other glans rings, the Titan .6 and Titan .9 fit perfectly beneath the corona of your penis. These are the best quality we have seen in a glans ring--the safest metal for your family jewels and long-lasting--like YOU! Because of its lean profile, the Titans are great for stacking or use as a shaft ring. These rings coordinate with the Titan Series of cockrings. Put them on and you will definitely stand out!


Titan .9 Glans Ring:  "I love the heavy pull" - one size down:  The Titan .6


Another customer, Chuck from Virginia, wrote:  "I love the Titan .9 Glans Ring! The weight and size (width) is awesome. I love the heavy pull it provides on my dick. Great quality. I wear it all day."

We love the pull too!

The Titan .9 head ring is an amazingly hot look—solid stainless steel in a classically simple design: square-edged, broad-shouldered and stunning. You will get surprised double-takes as you walk through the showers at the gym or lay naked by the pool. Your dick will bob more (and the sensuous feeling of that solid metal rubbing all those nerve-endings below the cap of your dick is intensely delicious!), hang a bit lower (due to the .95 ounces / 65 grams of weight) and then there is that tantalizing glint of brushed or mirrored metal that attracts even more well-deserved attention.

You can better understand why when you check out Addison in his Titan .9 glans ring below. Just see how long his flaccid cock is hanging. This is just one of the things a heavy head ring will do for you.



Titan .9 Glans Ring:  "I love the heavy pull"


We designed these glans rings to fit your dick—minimalist square-cut on the outside, but also on the inside with our exclusive corona fit to resist slippage. And solid stainless steel will not chip or peel like cheap chrome plate. This ring will stay strong—and keep your dick big and strong as well.

Glans rings have been described as ‘a mini hand-job in your pants.’ It’s true! Discover that big head and erotic touch as you feel your dick in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Too much? Try the Titan head rings in the more reserved Titan .2, Titan .4, and Titan .6 sizes.

Get a big head--you'll love the heavy pull with the Titan .9 glans ring too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Simeon Den Photography. See more of Simeon's work at: http://www.palladinodenphotography.com/. Chuck and Jason are not pictured. 



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