Titan Cockring:


Want a better fuck? It's easy. Just pop a cock ring on your rod! You will be blown away by the intensity and power of your rock hard love stick!

Do you want to get a better fuck? Give your partner a cock ring.  

It is basic science:  your cock ring restricts the blood flow out of your dick-meaning that more blood stays in your cock so your hot rod is thicker, harder and so much more sensitized to each thrust, movement and touch. Fill your partner with your exploding meat and fulfill that deep inner itch that only you can scratch with your pounding dick.

The bottom below is wearing the solid stainless steel Titan penis ring. This is a great choice--it comes in three bandwidths (.2, .4 and .6 inch) and five diameters (including the shaft size, 1 1/2", and extra-large 2 1/4" in the brushed Titan .4) so you are sure to find the size that works for you. Smooth with a narrow profile and gently rolled edges, you will love this cock ring both in and out of bed.


Titan Cockring:  "Awesome, work of art, this cockring is 5 stars.



Ronald from Portland wrote: "This was just the cockring I've been looking for... for years. I've tried rubber, metal, painted, and silicon. Some worked.. for a short time. Others reacted to various lubes... Others caused a painful crouch rash. Stainless steel, top dog, with a finish that's fine as any jewelry, a joy to wear... I preferred the narrow cockring... Keep my balls hanging yet allowes full penatration without excessive ball banging. Awesome, work of art, this cockring is 5 stars."

The top is wearing the Double Nitrile cockring. This provides both cock and shaft ring for an even harder, firmer fuck!

Be at the top of your game and enjoy an awesome work of art too! Wrap your prick in a cock ring and discover how amazing fucking can be! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Ronald is not pictured.)


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Pole Pilot

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