Titan Cockring - Don't wrestle without it!


Sometimes we think we discovered sex. It's weird to think about our parents (or grandparents) having sex but they did. We're all proof of it.

What feels good to us today felt equally as good to our ancestors. They may not have had the hard-fought freedoms we have today but they still figured it out.

The studs below are having some gymnastic sex. It seems that their wrestling ended up with someone's dick popping into someone else's mouth. So be it. You may as well sit back and enjoy!  

The furry stud on top is wearing a ring like the Titan .4 cockring. Low profile with gently rounded edges, this fits beautifully beneath a tight jock, jeans or swim suit. It will keep your prick pumped, pulled up and forward and hold your balls away from your body (always nice in the heat of summer). These solid stainless steel works of art are handcrafted from solid stainless steel In the USA so they’ll keep your boner hard for years to come!

The science is simple. Blood flows into your dick when you get excitement. Your penis ring restricts it from leaving so you stay thicker, fuller, harder, longer and sex is hugely better!


Titan Cockring - Don't wrestle without it!


Joe recently wrote:  "I really relate to your comment:  'a cock ring is addictive-you really miss it when you don't have it on.'"

You'll find that this is true when you are just moving through your work day - but it becomes even more apparent when you're ready to put the moves on. Blood floods into your prick and you become rock hard and sensitive to every brush of your lover's lips, touch and tongue. You won't want to have sex without it.

The Titan is elegant and simple. It will become a solid go-to. You won’t want to wrestle without it. And why should you?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan .4 Cock Ring:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan-glans-shaft-cock-ring  



(Photo submitted by customer. Joe is not pictured.)



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