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We get a lot of e-mails asking for the best way to keep your cock chubbed up all day. We think a cockring is the best way to do it (unless you can spend the day romping nude with your favorite porn star).

The science of a penis ring is pretty simple: when you get turned on blood flows into your dick. Your cock ring keeps all of it from flowing back out again. Obviously, not all of it will stay in nor will you walk around with a 24-hour hard-on (that could get painful!) However, your dick will be much thicker (or chubbed) and fuller than it is during your normal flaccid state. I also find that a cock ring (along with glans ring and ball weights) makes me more aware of my prick and that creates its own excitement--which then keeps me chubbier.

I've shared that I often wear a Nitrile cock ring 24-hours a day. It has enough flexibility that it can expand for nocturnal erections (so no middle-of-the-night aching). It also makes it easier to put on a rigid cock ring (aluminum or stainless steel--depending on my mood that day) because everything is already cinched up nicely. For my heavier rings (Fury and Omega) it helps keep them from slipping down my shaft when my dick is soft. (Oh--and it doesn't set off the buzzer at the TSA line in the airport!)

The Titan .2 penis ring, pictured below, is a foundational cock ring. It has a low profile so it isn’t bulky. The edges are nicely rounded so it is extremely comfortable under tight clothes (no pinching or biting of tender flesh.) It's also great for using with your harness. I also use a pair of Titan .2 cockrings when I want to stack rings up for a thicker profile. (This I do when I’m going commando so I can really enjoy the chub and schwing.)

BMW from USA NY wrote:  "Keep up the great works guys. Caught a little lady off guard this weekend out of town on a semi/ work vacation, with my titan glans ring and cock ring. She never seen anything like it and was amazed. Needless to say she enjoyed both as well as I did"

"Secret Chub" from Boston, MA added:  "Awesome cock ring. I love its edge -- it's not curved, so it holds against me nicely and doesn't slide down my dick as I walk around all day. I wear it under my slacks, and it's such a turn on to know I've got this secret chub. I was in two really important meetings this morning, and the entire time I could feel the ring against my legs, a little firmness in my briefs, and this gentle tug on the back on my nuts, and god I could NOT concentrate---AWESOME."


Titan Cockring:  "it's such a turn on to know I've got this secret chub"


The Titan Series of solid stainless steel penis rings is available in three bandwidths and an array of diameters from 7/8” (glans rings) to 2 1/4” (cock rings). This means that you can find a variety of bandwidths, looks and feels to suit your personal tastes and comfort. Find the right fit for cock, shaft, glans or stacking on your balls.

If you really wanted to keep your dick at its thickest, the best solution is to wear the tightest cock ring you can handle. I learned this trick from a buddy of mine from his days as a Chippendale Dancer. Those boys know how to keep their packages looking their biggest—tips depend on it! Just note that this might not be the most comfortable size though. (Can you see it? Halfway through your Monday morning meeting you realize you have to get OUT and take your cock ring OFF!) Most guys find a size that feels comfortable while still providing good chub factor. When we do in-person fittings we generally recommend that you be able to fit one fingertip between your cockring and your penis. This ensures that you will have enough room to grow when you get a raging hard on. (We prefer that you—or a friend—choke the chicken, not the ring!)

In search of an ‘all day cockring”? John from Phoenix commented that: ”I've bought a few lesser cockrings over the years but this is the real deal. The Titan 0.6" is beautifully made, looks great, thrusts my gear forward so it can be seen doting the day and takes sex to a whole new level in the bedroom. It kept me harder and thicker while being very comfortable. My partner reported feeling me throbbing pleasantly. I was able to concentrate on my partner's pleasure rather than on my own performance AND it kept me hard a long time after I came so we could stay together longer after the big event. This is just awesome and I intend to buy other series to enjoy. I thought an all day cockring was impossible to find but once you get the size right, this is the one. I have it on right now and will wear it to work today.”

You'll feel your cock and balls chubbed and bouncing and discover "it's such a turn on to know I've got this secret chub" too. (Let's just hope you don't keep it a secret for too long!)

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



WHERE TO FIND IT:  The Titan .2 C Ring:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan-2-cock-ring   


    (Photo submitted by customer. BMW, "Secret Chub" and John are not pictured.)



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